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RT interview of UN Secretary-General includes discussion about U.S. and European border control

Oksana Boyko (pictured right) in US vs UN? Ft. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations her Worlds Apart interview of Sunday 24 June, generally discussed how the United Nations should handle conflicts between the United States and Russia its two most powerful members . The discussion included at least two issues which are of concern to this site, : 1. Border control in the United States and Europe, and 2. Syria.

Antonio Guterres attempted to put all the arguments by proponents of open borders and they were all effectively rebutted by Oksana Boyko. At one point in the discussion, after she stated that the United States as well as European countries, have the right to control their borders Oksana was accused of listening to Fox News, that is the station which features Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and other outspoken advocates for the effective control of the United States border with Mexico. The video, embedded below, is easily worth the 28 minutes of your time required to watch it.

Later in the program Oksana Boyko put to Antonio Guterres that the United Nations should oppose the United Sates' schemes to partition Syria and preserve Syria's territorial integrity. [1]


[1] The partitioning of Syria is also supported by the group Australians for Kurdistan. The group absurdly maintains that, with up to 20 U.S. military bases in Syria's Kurdistan (acccording to RT on 1 Mar 2018 and other sources) the YPG (an acronym for "People's Protection Units") is building a communist or anarchist society which is also a beacon of women's liberation. The convenor of "Australians for Kurdistan" is John Tully. In Hitler of the Middle East (6/2/18) | Tasmanian Times, ostensibly an attack on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Tully smears the popularly elected President of Syria, as "the Syrian dictator". Nowhere in his writings does Tully show any concern for the fate of Syria, including the 80,000 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, amongst the 400,000 citizens of Syria, who have been killed in the war against Syria since March 2011 in which which Erdogan has been complicit. That would come far closer to justifying Tully's emotive likening of Erdogan to Hitler than any of his actions against Kurdish secessionists in recent years.

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The following is to be posted as a comment to the opinion article Did Israel Inspire Trump's Family Separation Policy? (27/6/2018) by Ramzy Baroud | Telesur (English Edition).

The Israeli Defence Force's (IDF) treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza, where it has, so far, in 2018, killed well over 100 unarmed Palestinians and injured thousands, is a crime against humanity. The continuing resistance by the Palestinians in the face of these atrocities is heroic.

However, I still think it's unfortunate that the otherwise informative and insightful Telesur is taking the side of would-be illegal aliens, people smugglers and ostensibly 'bleeding-heart' refugee-rights activists, many of whom are under the pay of George Soros or his co-thinkers in North America. If you want to see how open borders will affect America and Canada, just look at the chaos that mass immigration has brought to Europe, in particular to Germany, Sweden France and Britain, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel suddenly announced (on 24 August 2015(?)) that all refugees would be welcome in Germany.

Unlike Soros, Merkel and all the "refugees welcome" crowds, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad opposed the fleeing from Syria of so many who had skills necessary to run, maintain and repair Syria's infrastructure. Now that the war seems to be ending, large numbers of refugees are returning to Syria.

See, also, here, on candobetter : Ignorance and evasion in Europe’s migration crisis (7/5/16) by Brian McGavin, Germany is exploiting refugee suffering to recruit slaves via mass immigration - Marine Le Pen (7/9/15), Male-skewed immigration to Europe and sexist violence: Oksana Boyko interviews Prof Hudson (22/1/16) , Our Wars in the Middle East drive migration and refugees to the West (20/5/15) by Sheila Newman, The Refugee Crisis will be the demise of Europe (5/11/15) - previously published anonymously (3/11/15) on Russia Insider.

The following was also posted to the article America bombs, Europe gets the refugees (9/7/18) by Eric Zuesse | The Duran.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is also opposed to the scheme, cooked up by the likes of George Soros, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Erdogan, to flood Europe with refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Now that the war has been almost won in Syria, the best of the former Syrian refugees are now returning with their skills to help re-build Syria.

The terrible experiences of ordinary Swedes, Germans, French and British, faced with this sudden huge influx of refugees/Immigrants since 2015, show that they are also victims of the criminal wars by their rulers against Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen and elsewhere. (See also articles on this site linked to in comment above)