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Video: Israeli 'justifies' military aggression, feigns neutrality in terrorists' war against Syria

The embedded video is from Occupational hazards? Daniel Ayalon, former deputy foreign minister of Israel, the 21 June Episode of RT's World's Apart In that program presenter Oksana Boyko (pictured left) interviews Daniel Ayalon (pictured right) about Israel's recent aerial bombardments of pro-Syrian-government forces inside Syria.

Oksana Boyko successfully challenged most, but not all, of Ayalon's lies and distortions.

Ayalon's supposed justification for Israel's violation of international law is that they were only attacking Iranians and Lebanese Hezbollah who were supposedly there, not to help defend Syria against tens of thousands of terrorist invaders, but to attack Israel.

Oksana Boyko, however, pointed out that Iran and Hezbollah only intervened in Syria after many years of war against Syria by terrorist proxies of the United States and its allies.

Given that, by one estimate, 400,000 Syrians including 80,000 soldiers have died in that conflict since March 2011, the actual and potential consequences of that conflict for Israel are trivial in comparison. It's unfortunate that Oksano Boyko did not provide those figures.

Ayalon pushed the Big Lie, long ago refuted, that the war in Syria was a sectarian conflict between Sunni Islam and Shiite Islam.

Ayalon also claimed that Israel is the only democracy in the region, ignoring the fact that all elections held in recent years in Syria, particularly the Presidential election of 7 June 2014 in which 88.7% the 73.42% of eligible Syrian voters who voted, voted for President Bashar al-Assad, were verified by International observers. In Syria, unlike in Israel, where Palestinians are excluded, all residents - Sunni, Shiite and Alawite Muslims, Christians, Jews, Kurds, Armenians and others, are entited to vote.

No viewer aware of the facts about Israel can be left in any doubt that the criminality of Ayalon and the country he represents has not diminished since Israeli warplanes sank the USS Liberty in 1967 killing 34 crew members in an attempt to provide the United states with a pretext to join Israel in its war against Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

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The following is adapted from a post to the discussion in response to Trump And Putin May Discuss US Withdrawal From Al-Tanaf During Upcoming Summit (5/7/18) | South Front :

Unlike Iran, Russia and the Lebanese Hezbollah, the United States was never invited into Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam by those country's legitimate governments. The consequent death tolls in those countries range from the thousands, tens of thousands, right up to the millions.

Recently, Obama has publicly admitted that the United States has provided aid to the terrorists in Syria. Hence, by Obama's own admission, the United States is culpable for probably most of the deaths suffered there since March 2011. By one estimate the death toll is 400,000, including 80,000 Syrian Army soldiers. How many more would have perished without the help that Syria got from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah?

President Vladimir Putin should politely tell President Donald Trump to butt out and remove those U.S. forces illegally located near al-Tanf and elsewhere in Syria.

From op-ed piece ‘Dehumanized, discounted, marginalized’: Syria’s victors defying airbrushed US narrative (4/7/18) by Vanessa Beeley | RT:

The war in Syria has lasted more than seven years, bringing with it a devastation and bloodshed which has thrown a prosperous and stable Middle Eastern nation into chaos and uncertainty.

In the West we are used to reading a history of such conflicts written by the victor. The imperialist narrative is the dominant one. History is distorted to preserve the perceived moral prowess of the conqueror.

The reality is this: A proud nation is brought to its knees by sanctions, hostile media attention and the inevitable military campaign waged directly or indirectly via proxy forces chosen from viable opposition elements. Power is multiplied by the US and her partners in the UK and France with assorted NATO-member vassal states hanging onto their coat tails.

Crimes against humanity are glorified in Hollywood. The dirty underbelly of these lawless, vigilante military campaigns is concealed beneath the mantra of “democracy.” What does it matter if Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized and murdered, publicly torn apart, if it was done to make the world a “better place”?

History will omit the fact that Libya is now a den of iniquity, a failed state battling slavery, mass migration, prostitution, drug cartels and the inevitable sectarian, extremist warlords who rule mafia-style over the vanquished nation. Hell, this is “Democracy”!

Comment: An example of airbrushing and fake news is Assad on the cusp of victory in Syria (12/7/18) on the ABC Radio National's "Between The Lines" program. [1]

Presenter Tom Switzer interviewed Professor Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma and author and publisher of the blog Syria Comment. (The URL is [2]

In the interview both Tom Switzer push many of the familiar lies about Syria conflict from the presstititute nesmedia. These lies include:

1. That the popularly elected President of Syria Bashar al-Assad is a dicator;and

2. That only the intervention of Russia in 2016 saved the 'Syrian dicatator' ,ignoring the huge contribution and sacrifice of sodiers from the Syrian Arab Army and their Hezbollah allies.

3. They made a half-baked attempt to distinguish between the 'moderate' terrorists and ISIS. However, they did claim, plausibly, that because the 'moderate' terrorists would not separate themselves from ISIS as was demanded by the Russians, the United States, ostensibly in Syria to fight ISIS, was forced to abandon the 'moderate' terrorists.

Bizarrely, at the end both Switzer and Landis asserted that the United States, which has caused so much death and destruction in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere in Africa, Ukraine, Yemen, Viernam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Chile, El Salvador, Argentina, Guatemala, ... has some right to have influence in the Middle East.


[1] The 10 megabyte mp3 file can be downloaded directly from the URL

[2] Paradoxically, Joshua Landis' blog seems surprisingly informative. From an initial perusal of the articles in this blog, I could not see any articles that were obviously pushing the disinformation that the blog's author Joshua Landis and Tom Switzer were pushing in the interview. I will have to peruse the blog more thoroughly some time soon.