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Speeches at Free Julian Assange Rally - Sydney Town Hall - 17th June 2018

These speeches moved to a different address on you tube. We have located them again, for the moment. See article above this one for the transcript of John Pilger's excellent speech.
RALLIES ON TUESDAY 19 JUNE IN AUSTRALIA: Melbourne - outside the British Consulate 12-2PM (British Consulate General Melbourne, 17th Floor, 90 Collins St Melbourne). Will be attended by Julian's father, John Shipton and another young member of Julian's family and Shirley Shackleton. Brisbane - Vigil 4-6PM at the Ann Street Shrine of Remembrance opposite Central Station; Perth - 12PM-2PM at Forrest Chase.

The Socialist Equity Party should be applauded for having organised and recorded the June 17th protest speeches. We should not however forget that Julian Assange's work goes wider than worker protest. It goes to preventing globalist media, corporations and governments from taking away our rights as citizens of nations. The issues go to the nation itself and to the need for solidarity and communication between citizens, always, plus the recognition that Julian is one of us. This cause should be embraced by other forces as well as the Socialist Equity Party. Anyone who supports free speech, human and civil rights, and opposes war, should attend these protests and get others to attend with leaflets, posts to social media, and calls to talk-back radio etc.


Pity this was left up to the 'socialists'. There is a danger that people will believe that Julian's cause is a socialist cause and dismiss him for this reason. Many people know the Socialists in Australia as head kickers for governments, with a history of taking over organisations and leading youth down the garden path. They have tried to stifle the cause of stopping overpopulation. I don't think that Julian would agree with them on this.

I think 'Ex-socialist-party' may have confused the Socialist Equity Party (SEP), which we should thank for getting this campaign started, with other groups in Australia claiming to be 'socialist'. These other groups include 'Green' 'Left', the Links '"international journal of socialist renewal" and the Socialist Alliance.Not one of the web-sites of these three 'socialist' groups, in Julian Assange's hour of desperate need, has bothered to publish anything about Julian Assange on its front cover.

The most recent article in Links, that I could find, is dated 16 August 2012.

Whilst I recall Julian Assange once spoke favourably of Green Left, the last Green Left article favourable to Julian Assange that I could find is dated 10 March 2017. Subsequently. on 25 March 2017 "Julian Assange: 'I won Trump the election'", which is critical of Julian Assange appeared.

The last time that Assange got a favourable reference on Socialist Alliance was briefly buried in "Socialist Alliance Perspectives" on 12 November 2012. Subsequently, on 1 May 2018, long after the Swedish government dropped its fraudulent allegations of sexual misconduct against Julian Assange, these words appeared in "Addressing sexual assault and harassment: What can we do better?" :

"Many more allegations of sexual assault and harassment have come to the surface since then. High profile controversies include those around Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and the Greens."(my emphasis)

Unlike the sorry examples shown above, Socialist Equity Party has worked hard to build this public campaign in support of Julian Assange. I think 'Ex-socialist-party' is unfair to bundle the Socialist Equity Party in with the other groups listed above.

Whilst I agree with James that the Socialist Equity Party has done a great job in orgnising this campaign, I think that all the talk of class struggle their speakers' speeches was not appropriate for this rally. Whilst I may often feel sympathetic to trade unions, a good many Australians, whom this campaign seeks to reach may not, and may have been dissuaded from listening to the rest of those speeches.

It's unfortunate that they didn't confine their speeches to the issues at hand as John Pilger did