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Let's stop the ALP's sham 'Public Housing Renewal Program' Developer Grab

The Public Housing Defence Network is calling for the Opposition parties to support the Greens motion in Parliament on Wednesday 6 June 2018 to block the Andrews Governments Public Housing Renewal Programme (PHRP). The PHRP reduces Public Housing, displaces tenants, sells off public land to private developers and reduces open space and amenity, and will drive up homelessness. If you would like to stop the Andrews Government PHRP, please contact the Opposition MPs from Monday 28 May, by email, phone, or text. (See suggested letter and addresses inside.) Every action counts!

Here is a suggested text:

“Dear Parliamentarian,
I oppose the Andrews Government`s Public Housing Renewal Programme, and call on Parliamentarians to vote to block it in the Legislative Council of Parliament by disallowing the Planning Minister`s assumption of planning powers.”

Add your name, suburb. Preferably full address and phone, too.

Please phone or text these 4 Liberal politicians: Matthew Guy: 9651 6702; David Davis: 9827 6655; John Pesutto: 9882 4088; Georgie Crozier 9555 4101;
Plus one bulk email to all these Parliamentarians:;;;;;;;;;;;;;; edward.o';; Luke.O';;;;;;;;;;

There may be a rally outside the office of Liberal MP David Davis or at Parliament in the lead up to the likely vote on Wednesday 6th June. See Public Housing Defense Network facebook page for details.

Public Housing Defence Network (PHDN)
Defend and Extend Public Housing (Australia)
Friends of Public Housing (Victoria)


I consider the Andrews Government's policies on public housing to be a scam to facilitate developer grabs of public land and an egregious form of theft from citizens. Coupled with its utterly unconsultative population engineering through mass immigration (called for via its site in collusion with the Federal Government) its program amounts to a government sponsored program of housing inflation for the benefit of a few organised beneficiaries at cost of dispossession of growing numbers of Australian citizens.

Unfortunately the Andrews Government is carrying on an ugly tradition established by Menzies, and pumped up into a balloon by Kennett. Our governments have institutionalised land-speculation and homelessness. We have not had a government or opposition fit to inhabit the houses of parliament for a long time, speaking of public housing.

Today I came up on a woman sitting on the pavement in my local strip shopping area in a well to do "middle ring" Melbourne suburb. She held in front of her a sign saying that she was homeless and needed money for accommodation I put $2.00 into a plastic container and then started asking her about her story. She told me that she and her husband and 5 children had been evicted from rental accommodation some years ago and as the previous landlord would not give the family a reference, they had not been able to rent anywhere. She said that her husband begged a few metres up the road outside Coles but that it was a tough gig. My contribution was a major one for this woman who said she needed 90 dollars to pay for 4 nights accommodation somewhere. Meantime they would sleep at Southern Cross Station where sleep is constantly interrupted by being kicked by staff under instructions not to let them lie down.

Thank you, Sue, for this insight into a homeless family's predicament in Melbourne (, courtesy the Andrews Government.) You set a good example. We should all ask homeless Australians for their story, and record it. The information about how Australian workers at Southern Cross Station are instructed to treat their fellow citizens is a testimony to the rottenness that has installed itself in Australian society, at the same time as we have somehow finished up with the Chair of the Property Council of Australia, as Mayor of Melbourne. A jumped up venal elite extols high housing prices in the context of forced mass immigration on this and other Australian cities, sacrificing the benefits of citizenship and solidarity with our co-Australians. It would be good if we could form a national heritage organisation where Australians without children passed their homes on to other Australians who have little chance of otherwise attaining one.