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New biographical documentary on Putin

The new film by Andrei Kondrashev, Putin dives into depth about the man the press gossips about, the object of jealousy for other politicians, but about whom we know very little. The film starts with the collapsed Russian economy in Putin's early days of presidency, how he dealt with terrorism, and how he helped Russia recover economically and socially. It was a year in the making and contains personal stories that have never been told on camera before, some of which are described as shocking and stunning: Attempts on the president’s life and the toll of the presidency on Vladimir Putin himself – all combine in what is the most most complete portrait of Vladimir Putin to date. The film runs for two hours and ten minutes.

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Switzerland and Austria refuse to "convict" Russia of the nerve gas poisoning in England until a full investigation is completed. Meanwhile records show that RUssia has no stockpiles of the nerve gas. From CLG News:

Framing Putin - Saga of the Spy and the Nerve Agent | 15 March 2018 |

Which first world countries still have chemical weapons?

Russia got rid of all its chemical weapons under the supervision of OPCW. On the other hand, the US hasn't destroyed all its chemical weapons yet and there are still two Chemical Weapons sites in the US! The US government claims it will destroy them within the next five years. Ha ha...

Samples Everywhere: The fact is that many labs around the world have samples of that deadly agent. It so happens that there is a UK military chemical lab in Porton Down, just a few miles from where the alleged incident took place.

Lab Signatures

Each lab has a signature attached to it, so, if the UK wanted to be credible, it would release the samples to third parties -- Russia and OPCW -- so they can analyze it and see where it came from. But the UK refuses to do so.

Guess Who Lives in the US?

The "father" of Novichok defected to the US a long time ago and lives in the US now. He brags about it openly on his Facebook page. His name is Vil Mirzayanov.