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Common sense on immigration from Dr Bob Birrell

Dr Birrell is quoted as saying that radical changes to Australia's skilled migrant intake amounted to a new population policy for Australia.

The Government lifted the skilled migrant intake in the Budget to 190,300, supposedly to deal with our national skills crisis. It is also considering accepting unskilled guest workers in a radical policy shift. Under the new quota, Australia's population would hit 32 million by 2050 -- five million more than previously estimated, Dr Birrell said. Migration will account for 80 per cent of population growth in that period.

Dr Birrell goes on to say what must be clear to all of Australia's elected representatives - that this kind of unsustainable population growth will exacerbate congestion and liveability issues in and around our major cities.


The SMH has picked up on Dr Bob Birrell's comments on the Rudd government's expansion of Australia's immigration program.
The report also cites some immigration numbers showing a steady and significant rise in intakes since 03-04:

Immigration intakes

2003-04 110,000

2004-05 120,000

2005-06 140,000

2006-07 148,200

2007-08 152,800

2008-09 190,300