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Video: Koreans talk peace - positive analysis by Crosstalk

The games have begun. The younger sister of North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un has captured the attention of the media, while US Vice President Mike Pence was mocked as a dud, even undiplomatic. The two Koreas are engaging each other. This makes the Washington foreign policy swamp fume. CrossTalking video with Brian Becker, Gregory Elich, and Myung-Koo Kang. This Crosstalk video pretty much covers the major bases in 30 minutes, with a stunningly well-informed cast.

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Thanks Sheila I agree with your sentiments and those of the interviewees that the Koreans are talking to each other which is a big step away from what our western governments and mainstream media would have us believe. The belligerence and the United States of America and sycophantic nations like Australia are being mocked on the international stage like never before.

Not since February 13 has The Age mentioned Kim Yo-jong after Max Boot correctly paraphrased "North Korea has emerged as the early favourite to grab one of the Winter Olympics'most important medals: the diplomatic gold." With this achievement in the bag, the Koreans don't have to do anything and anything the Americans and their lackeys may say, in deference, will be egg on the face.

Many people are starting to realise that the western belligerent model is not working. The George Bush II model "my way or the highway" doesn't wash! The lies, the subterfuge, the assassinations, the regime and attempted regime change, the subversive wars and blood letting, the genocide - people are slowly starting wise-up. Syrians want to be Syrians in their own land, similarly Koreans want to be Koreans in Korea. Peace can only achieved by understanding that we are not all the same and that we must make allowances for for different beliefs by religions and for religions. We must show tolerance and compassion for different races and political beliefs.

We in the west must realise that American hegemony doesn't equal democracy. That neoliberalism doesn't equate to the Australian value of a "fair go", it promotes greed and fear in it's place. We, the ones with the egg on our face, are the ones that must extend our hands in friendship and good will!