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Declassifying JFK with James DiEugenio

Video: Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos revisit the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Witness David Wallace reflects on the events from that day and shares rare photos from the crime scene. Expert JFK researcher James DiEugenio dissects newly-declassified documents. What does the US Government have to hide about the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy after 45 years? If Lee Harvey Oswald really killed the President, then what is the big deal in releasing unredacted documents? Obviously the government has plenty to hide and this gives us every reason to question the official story. The documents have been released with huge gaps in them due to whiting out and other forms of illegibility. One example is given in this program of a document that had 8 out of 11 pages whited out. One such document concerned Jim Garrison, who famously attempted his own investigation of the crime. What has come to light is the agreement between the FBI, the CIA and the mainstream press to massively discourage any questioning of the official story and to destroy anything published that did. We hear how, at one point, the New York Times had had enough of the incoherence and promised to publish a deep expose. This never happened and we must suspect the government agencies and the government of wanting to obscure their role in this infamous crime. Interviews first published at

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