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On video Syrian Girl warns: false flag attack to be pretext for planned invasion of Syria, threats to free speech by Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media

Mimi al-Haram (aka "the Syrian Girl Partisan'), an Australian resident of Syrian nationality, predicted, on her YouTube channel in 2012, the chemical weapons attack of August 2013, staged by anti-government 'rebels' and blamed on the Syrian government, in order to justify an invasion.


Update (4/9/17): Syrian Girl video has also been published on Russia Insider as SYRIANGIRL: Clues Suggest US or Israeli Attack on Syria Could Happen Soon (30/8/17). The full transcript, which includes a list of Mimi al-Laham's (also known as Maram Susli?) main points frome her video, is included as Appendix 4 below. Just possibly, the resolve of Syria and its Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies has dissuaded Israel and the United States from launching the attack of which the Syrian Girl warned in the embedded video.

Prediction: Impending strike on Syria by Trump or Israel?

In 2014, Mimi predicted that the US would claim that Syria had not disposed of all of its chemical weapons possibly as a pretext for another attack on Syria, but this time attacking both the Syrian government and the al-Qaeda-linked rebels, possibly after another staged chemical attack. She says that "this is exactly what trqnspired earlier this year".

At the end of this video, Mimi warns that she fears that "YouTube has been censoring some of my older videos and that they are rolling out new rules that will further stifle the truth" (see also Appendix 1, below). She continues, "Regardless, I promise to continue fighting the good fight here on YouTube, so long as they will let me. So please subscribe for more videos".

Appendix 1 : Articles about plans by Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media to stifle free speech

Get Ready for the World Truth Ministry and the Unimaginable
(14/6/2017) by Phil Butler New Eastern Outlook, "Politically Correct": The War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth. What is the Endgame? (26/7/2017) by Joachim Hagopian | Global Research, DIGITAL TYRANNY: Google and Facebook's Automated Censorship Program (I Hope You Can Speak Chinese) (6/8/2017) | 21st Century Wire, Social media and the loss of privacy (10/8/2017) | PressTV, Orwellian Google censors news based YouTube videos (19/8/2017) by Adam Garrie | The Duran, Censorship On Youtube: SouthFront Channel Is Again Under Attack (17/8/2017) | The Vineyard of the Saker, An Open Letter to Google: Stop the Censorship of the Internet! (25/8/2017) | Global Research, The West's War on Free Speech (6/6/2017) by Tony Cartalucci || Land Destroyer

Appendix 2 : Articles here on Candobetter about the staged chemical weapons attacks in Syria

White House Appears to Be Planning Attack on Assad - Article by Jason Ditz (27/6/17), Putin shows up BBC propaganda on chemical weapons and Syria (12/6/17), White House claims on Syria chemical attack 'obviously false' - Prof. Theodor Postol of MIT (13/4/2017), Guilty until proven innocent: Assad and the mainstream press (12/4/2017) 19:42 by David Macilwain, More saying how chemical weapons story implausible - Prof Tim Anderson (11/4/2017). Video: Syrian gas attack is a lie - "Stop your governments!" - Russia (8/4/2017).

Appendix 3 : My post about Zionism and anti-Semitism

I posted the following on 30 August 2017 in response to the comment:

"This exactly what Trump said he would not do. Jews run our country. And sent our sons to die for them. We will never see peace in the world until we deal with these Marxist Jews."

Why presume that every jewish person supports the state of Israel?

Even within Irael, some jewish people have voiced opposition to their government's theft of Palestinian land. One notable example is Mordechai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on Israel's illegal nuclear weapons program in September 1986. For that Mordechai was abducted in Italy in October 1986 and taken back to Israel, where, after at a secret trial, he was imprisoned for 18 years, 11 in solitary confinement. Since his release in 2004, he has not been allowed to leave Israel. He has also been forbidden from owning a mobile 'phone, using Internet chat rooms or having any contact with foreigners. All his telephone and Internet use is monitored.

Anti-semitism, serves to reinforce the underlying justification for the original expulsion of Arabs from Palestine in 1947 by the Zionist invaders and Israel's subsequent wars, both covert and overt, against Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

At the time the Zionists were conquering Palestine in 1947, Israeli Mossad agents went abroad to other Arab countries to, whilst posing as Muslim anti-semites, foment sectarian strife and commit terrorist acts against indigenous jews in order to frighten them into fleeing and becoming settlers on Palestinian land.

Another jew, Abram Leon, also a communist, was murdered by the Nazis in 1944. In his work "The Jewish Question" at , clandestinely written during the war, he explicitly opposed Zionism in the last chapter at

Appendix 4: SYRIANGIRL: Clues Suggest US or Israeli Attack on Syria Could Happen Soon

Editor's note:

Check your bias at the door gentle reader.

We know SYRIANGIRL personally and can confirm that she is one of the sharpest and best-informed analysts reporting on the Syrian tragedy.

Her name is Maram Susli and she lives in Australia, where she grew up. Five years ago she was a getting her PhD in chemistry and was so outraged by the dishonesty of the media about the war that she started posting videos on Youtube about it.

Since then she has built an influential following with 72K subscribers to her channel, 6 million views, 70K Twitter followers, and 40K Facebook followers. When she posts, important people listen.

We've met her several times when she was speaking at international conferences and she is the real deal - a smart, articulate activist / wonk who does this in her free time when not in the lab. She has worked with MIT professor Theodore Postol in exposing the lie that Assad used chemical weapons.

She is not paid by any government or group, and relies on fan donations. Youtube even blocked her from monetizing her videos, so she really relies on you.

Please support her on Patreon, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Her work is invaluable and spot-on.

Here's SYRIANGIRL with another excellent analysis of what is happening in her suffering homeland. Every prediction she has made since 2012 has come true.

Let's see if she gets it right this time:

Her main points:

  1. Bannon's departure means no one in the WH opposes US / Israeli escalation.
  2. A recent video and photo showing Syrian insurgents teaching school children how to act like chemical weapons victims.
  3. A fake news story in Reuters claiming the UN intercepted a North Korean shipment of chemicals to Syria. (Reuters is a well-known channel for this sort of deception - in the summer of 2014 their false stories about the Ukraine war were rampant - Ed.)
  4. An article in the Daily Beast, (another notorious alphabet agency / neocon lie factory - Ed.) tying in Iran with Syria and North Korea.
  5. A tweet from Nikki Haley, saying that the US will shoot first and ask questions later if any chemical weapons are used in the area, and a WH statement reminding people that Syria used chemical weapons in 2014. (Which has since been proved untrue) - suggesting an upcoming false flag.
  6. Netanyahu's trip to Moscow where he told Putin he would prefer for ISIS to win over Syria and Iran and would attack Syria to prevent that from happening.
  7. Syria's impending victory in Deir Ezzor puts the US in a position where they would have to attack in order to salvage their rapidly collapsing MIddle East policy.
  8. Then she goes on to enumerate the correct predictions she has made since 2012.

Yeah, she's good.


Thank you for republishing Syrian Girl Partisan's latest video. Her analysis of the war in Syria and the west's covert foreign policy is so valuable. If we had Syrian Girl instead of the newsreaders on the ABC and SBS and CBN etc much of the world now at war might be at peace. She thinks, educates, performs the most valuable public service. I have seen her only one time on Australian television in an SBS show about the war in Syria or something, possibly on Insight, a few years ago. The interviewer aired at length the usual bent views that the mainstream presents and Syrian Girl's remarks were not given their due importance. But that is no excuse for the rest of us to ignore her. She is one of the great voices of our time.

I posted the following to Regime Change in Syria: Your Media Lies to You (25/8/17) | Syria News on 4 Sep 2017:

For all of her towering strength, I think it is unfortunate that the Syrian First Lady, as she, herself, has said on at least one occasion, takes no interest in politics. (With the possible exception of Maram Susli (aka "the Syrian Girl") (aka Mimi Al-Laham?)) her English is more immaculate than that of Bashar, or of any other spokesperson for Syria of which I am aware.

Were Asma'a Al-Assad also to have been a spokeswoman for Syria, a lot more people would have seen through the corporate media lies much sooner.