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Brigitte Bardot responds to Trump's new anything goes hunting laws

Brigitte Bardot, possibly once the most famous 20th century French woman, has devoted her later life to the welfare of other species, via the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. Trump has recently signed off on an awful bill to change hunting laws in Alaska to permit rates of hunting that will quickly threaten the targeted species and which are devoid of any traditional pretence of courage or skill. Bardot has written to Trump in the hope of persuading him to rescind this bill for no-holds-barred slaughter.

To President Trump

Mr President,

Yet again you parade your contempt for the the necessity of preserving nature, of defending biodiversity.

Having already wrecked the Paris agreement on climate (COP 21), your decision to allow Alaskan hunters to follow bears, wolves and their cubs right into their dens has rightly scandalised world opinion.

You are allowing shooting from helicopters and the killing of hibernating bears, even in protected areas. What cowardice, what a disgrace!

Your friend, Sarah Palin, who is also an ecological catastrophe, will be able to shoot without limits, spreading death. What are you leaving for future generations, should there be any future generations after your massively destructive quest.

In this terrifying world where man destroys everything, causing his own ruin, the duty of a statesman is to have a vision for the long-term, to defend peace rather than violence, including towards the other species that people this planet, who have the same rights as us.

Mr President, I don't know if you will be able to hear my call today via Twitter, which seems to be your official communication medium, but I dare hope that, in a flash of sanity, you will go back on your absurd decision, which represents a crime by humans against nature.

God, what sadness....

Brigitte Bardot

(Translation from French by Sheila Newman)

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