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Aleppo Breakthrough - 80,000 escape 'rebels'


I just read on al-Mayadeen tv channel that the terrorists fled Old Aleppo today! Although this part could be 15%-20% of the original occupied part of east Aleppo, yet it's the most difficult to liberate because of its narrow wavy paths and ancient buildings, which is like a real maze. No tank nor armed vehicle can go over there. The only way to liberate it is by soldiers.
To flee that part of the city is beyond good news! It's fantastic amazing news!

I'm still afraid though that the terrorists could be already mined the whole area, to blow it up later, and show it as "the SAA destroyed the Old City". The terrorists were skilled in digging tunnels and filling them with explosives, and they used the ancient tunnels' net beneath the Old City that goes back to the Aramaic, Romans, and early Islamic periods. They could install mines and explosives in all of these areas, and with one click, booom.... They'll erase and wipe the Old City off the map and blame it on the Syrian and Russian armies.

I hope nothing that bad took place, as - according to the news - the terrorists left their arms and weapons behind them before escaping to the southern part of occupied east Aleppo. Yet I'm just suspicious about the worst scenario that could happen.
The dream is coming true. I hope this Christmas and New Year Eve going to come with unification and liberation of Aleppo city.. One city. Neither western nor eastern parts. No more random shelling on civilians. No more injured, paralyzed, and dead children and women with shrapnel and cooking-gas-metal containers mortars.

I hope that nightmare to end soon over there, and then to end everywhere else in Syria.