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Video and Speech notes: Donald Trump Responds To False Harassment 13 October 2016

Anyone who has not watched a Donald Trump speech will be stimulated by his unusually direct characterisation of the mass media, the Clinton campaign and the US 'government cartel'. As an alternative media source, we continue to publish Trump's responses to the mass media accusations against him, since the western media gives such an unbalanced representation of the two candidates for the US election 2016. If they're going this hard to keep him out of politics, there must be something good about Trump.


"Mr. Trump visited Florida and delivered remarks on the corrupt Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it. There is no lie this establishment will not tell to hold prestige and power at your expense.

The Clinton Machine is at the center of the power structure of the political establishment that is responsible for disastrous trade deals, destruction of factories and jobs, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. Its economic decisions have robbed our working class and stripped our country of its wealth while putting money in the pockets of corporate and political entities.

The WikiLeaks documents released prove that Senator Clinton has met in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich global financial powers.

These emails also show that the Clinton Machine works so closely with media organizations that she is given questions and answers in advance of her debates. The New York Times gives Senator Clinton veto power over the things written about her and her emails further show her collaboration with reporters to help her win the Election.

With trillions of dollars and their control of our government on the line, the Clinton Machine is determined to destroy our campaign. Their most powerful weapon is the corporate media who are no longer involved in journalism, they have become a political special interest.

The Clintons have engaged in criminal activity at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. Senator Clinton bleached 33,000 congressionally subpoenaed emails and destroyed thirteen phones among other pieces of evidence.

Now, at the same time the WikiLeaks documents are exposing her corruption, Mr. Trump is being accused of inappropriate conduct with women. These completely false and inaccurate claims would easily be disapproved by simple investigation. They come from outlets whose past stories and claims have been discredited.

The New York Times has been discredited by the campaign before and refused to print a retraction. In a smear piece printed this weekend by the Times, they declined to use the evidence presented to them that discredited their story entirely and chose instead to print a full page hit piece that other outlets refused to publish following our evidence.

These media attacks are orchestrated by the Clinton machine and their media allies in an attempt to destroy our movement of change so that they can maintain their control over our corrupt government.

Our political establishment has no soul and the only thing that can stop this corruption is you. The blatant disregard for Senator Clinton’s criminal activities by the corrupt government and the media is a conspiracy against the American people.

Mr. Trump knows what it’s like to be an insider, and he is the only one who can fix this corruption. Mr. Trump is running for the people, and the corrupt establishment knows that we are a threat to their criminal enterprise.

The slander committed by the Clinton machine is reprehensible. But it is not about the slander. It is about the Veterans who need medical care, it is about defeating ISIS, enforced immigration policy, jobless Americans, those being crushed by Obamacare, defeating ISIS, rebuilding inner cities, and appointing Supreme Court Justices who will defend our Constitution.

We will rise above the smears because this election is about every man, woman, and child in our country who deserves to live in safety, prosperity and peace. We will put an end to this corrupt government."

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"Also why would he ever fly first class? he has his own fucking plane.
"Edit: Trumps plane doesn't have lifted armrests either. [...]

Edit 3: They are saying it's before Trump got his plane. Well he chartered jets before then. And let's say he did fly first class, the planes in 1980s first class didn't have armrests either. Only coach. And Trump wouldn't have ever flown coach. Ever. "

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Paul Craig Roberts writes: "And that is why the One Percent hate him."

If he does win, how does he unravel the globalised tangle? Who will cooperate with him? Is this an altruistic bid for the White House? It's very hard when you come up against the "unlimited" resources he describes.

There are two possibilities. First, Trump is far smarter than he makes himself out to be, and he's cleverly playing a game which exposes the status quo for what it is. His deliberately running his campaign in this manner in order to expose the farce that is modern politics, expose how the media is in bed with the ruling elite and generally undermine confidence in a status quo that should not be.

Or, he's genuine about how he acts, and this is an unintended side effect.

I'm guessing the latter, but I'm not 100%. Either way, it won't be Trumps policies which will help, but more the indirect effects of a Trump nomination and potential presidency. Even if he loses, the US political system has become a farce. Many blame Trump for turning it farcical, but the fact is, he has merely exposed a farce that people have taken pains to try and portray seriously.

Trust and image has been eroded, and what has now been seen cannot be unseen.

I think what will happen is that people are realising that can give the globalists a proverbial middle finger, and this is what we are seeing. Rebellion against the status quo. People disengaging and losing faith. The elite having their credibility undermined.

The power the 'globalised triangle' will have will seem less and less legitimate as people become more accustomed to ignoring or outright criticising it.

i like your comment dennis K.