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False flag or real attempt: Erdogan shores up his power

Well, Erdogan is still in situ. No-one is sure whether this was a real attempted coup or a false flag. Erdogan is already infamous for imprisoning journalists who do not toe his line and now it is feared that Erdogan is now going to use this incident to ramp up his power in new terrorism laws which will be used to further repress the Turkish people. There are also fears that attempts to bring in a new non-secular constitution might gain somehow from the shoring up of Erdogan's power post-coup attempt. Erdogan is known as a covert supporter of the extreme aims of the Muslim Brotherhood. Inside we have republished a statement from the Turkish Communist Party, which insists that neither the government nor the parties to the coup were operating for the good of Turkey. Indeed, most citizens of Turkey, looking at their neighbours - Syria, Libya, Irak, Afghanistan - would probably prefer any kind of stability to violent change of government. And, by the way, the United States has a nuclear-armed airbase in Turkey.

Turkish Communist Party of Turkey Statement on attempted coup

We do not have all the details of what happened during the coup attempt that took place in Turkey in the hours between July 15 and July 16. However, we know very well that plans that are supported by foreign forces, that do not take its power from the working class cannot defeat AKP [Edrogan's Party] [1] darkness and solve Turkey's problems. The events of today reminded us the following reality once again: Either the people of Turkey will organize and get rid of AKP or AKP's reactionary policies will intensify, repression will increase, massacres, the plunder and theft will continue.

The only power that can overthrow AKP is the people's power, there is no alternative to it.

AKP is responsible for all that took place tonight. All the factors that led to the current situation and the conditions are the product of AKP's rule and the domestic and foreign bosses that support AKP.

However, the fact that the main responsible party is AKP does not mean that the coup attempt was one that was orchestrated by Erdogan himself in order to achieve his objectives such as paving the path to an executive presidency or clearing the obstacles facing the new constitution.

The tension and the rivalries between different groups within the state and the armed forces that have been known to exist for a while have turned into armed conflict. While the tension between these forces is real, it is a lie that any of the sides in this conflict represent the interests of the people. Following this, searching for the solution against AKP's rule in a military coup is as wrong as lending any support to AKP under the guise of taking a position against military coups for whatever reason. The last thing that should be done in the name of supporting freedom and human rights in Turkey is to lend support to AKP which has proven over and over that it is an enemy of humanity.

While they have not orchestrated this coup, Erdoğan and the AKP will make an effort to use the resulting conditions and the support they received as means to increase their legitimacy. Our people should be on the alert against steps that AKP will be certain to take in the days to come. Raising the struggle against AKP and its darkness is the only way to stop this failed coup attempt resulting in AKP's solidifying its rule and turning into a tool for transforming AKP's unstable Turkey into stability. The fact that all mosques in Turkey have broadcasted continuous Erdoğan propaganda the whole night is a concrete indication of the urgency of our task at hand.

The Communist Party is calling on our people to organize in the Party's ranks to wage the struggle against the people and humanity.
The liberation is in our own hands.

Communist Party, Turkey

[1] AKP: The Justice and Development Party (Turkish: Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi), abbreviated JDP or AKP in English and AKP or AK Parti in Turkish, is a social conservative political party in Turkey. This is President Erdogan's party.

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The following comment is included in the discussion following the Russsia Insider article Erdogan Calls For International Kebab Sanctions Against Netherlands (12 Mar 2017):

From the more recent linked article, Erdogan Vows to Confiscate Dutch Kebabs in Fearless Tit-For-Tat With Netherlands (13 Mar 17):

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan knows this is all a cover for a deep, dark Dutch secret; he knows that the Dutch government is jam-packed with 'Nazi remnants and fascists'. (emphasis added)

Has Sultan Erdogan forgotten that, back in January 2016, he, himself praised the Führer of the same Nazis that he is now attempting to liken the Dutch government to?:

Turkey's Erdogan Praises "Hitler's Germany" As Example Of Effective Government (1 Jan 2016) | Zero Hedge


Now, as Erdogan pushes to officially transform the Turkish presidency from a figurehead role (obviously Erdogan is anything but a figurehead, but this is about enshrining powers he shouldn't have into law) into a chief executive position, the President is appealing to history. As it turns out, the opposition aren't the only ones who compare the strongman to Hitler.

"There are already examples in the world. You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany,"Erdogan said on Thursday, when asked whether it was possible to maintain the unitary structure of the state under an executive presidential system. "There are later examples in various other countries," he added, in an apparent effort to soften the blow. (emphasis added)


See also Erdogan Praises Hitler: Yet Another Threat Against Russia (5 Jan 2017) | New Eastern Outlook It's No Surprise That Turkey's Erdogan Likes Adolf Hitler's Government (1 Jan 2017) | Huffington Post