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Turkey Coup means it is all over for Erdogan

07.58am from a source in Turkey: "We heard the news about two hours ago. I am just outside the city centre in Ankara. First
the airforce and then the jandarma and when we heard the Army had joined, it was clear it was all over. Erdogan is reported to be out of the country or on his way back Ankara.
AKP has called on supporters to take to the streets.
I think it is all over for the AKP.
Chief of staff arrested.
A very big explosion at Army HQ.
Army taking over police HQ - police are iwth the AKP.
Shooting in the diplomatic/parliamentary district of Ankara.
Helicopters overhead ... martial law imposed.
I think it is all over for Erdogan.
I don't think AKP can resist. No-one is on the street... AKP call not being answered... My guess is that the Turkish people will defer to power and authority and Erdogan has lost it.

Mayor of Ankara also calling for people to come to the streets but he is AKP and up to his neck in dirt.
No, it is clear the coup has worked and was well-planned."

8.20 am from Ex- Aleppo resident: "I just heard from relatives in Aleppo and Tartous that everyone is celebrating like crazy because of the coup in Turkey!"

The latter remark is of course a reflection on how Erdogan, who is said to be strongly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, has secretly supported the rise of ISIS in Syria and has benefited from cheap oil which they have stolen.

Yesterday July 14th from Turkey:

Yesterday I heard that the news from Halab (the Arab name for Aleppo, Syria) is positive. And that on July 14, the Turkish Prime Minister had again said that Turkey has to develop good relations with Syria. It was hoped by the person making the communication that this spelled the end of Turkish intervention in Syria and that and it probably signaed some kind of revolt against Erdogan, who is very unpopular.

Apparently, the other day Erdogan - personally, as if he had the right - offered citizenship to well educated Syrian refugees, but not to all of them.

This pragmatic triage of refugees itself was uncharitable but there was already a backlash against the intake of refugees from Syria anyway from opposition political parties.

In a southwest province the other day a young Syrian who killed a young Turk was himself killed in a fight over a dog - the Syrian had kicked it. The whole town is now demanding that all Syrians go. Erdogan's whole policy was collapsing around him. He himself had not mentioned Syria or Assad negatively for ages.

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The most recent news from Turkey suggests that the attempt to oust the corrupt and autocratic Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan may have unfortunately failed, although fighting continues.

The statement in the image below was published on the Syrian Free Press as Turkish Army Statement (16/7/16):

(Text of statement from the above image)

The Turkish military says it has fully seized control of the country and the rule of law must remain a priority.

"The power in the country has been seized in its entirety," said a military statement read on NTV televison, without giving further details.

The statement went on to say that the military aims to "reinstall the constitutional order, democracy and freedoms," and "to ensure that the rule of law once again reigns in the country, for the law and order to be reinstated."

"All international agreements and commitments will remain. We pledge that good relation with all world countries will continue," the military statement added.

It further vowed to try all those who "have betrayed the country" in "fair courts."

Erdogan has said that the Military Coup leaders were "taking orders from Pennsylvania" -
This means that this was a US backed Coup to remove Erdogan's Govt as now Erdogan was withdrawing from the US-Saudi plans to target President Assad and partition Syria. Hope now that Erdogan will get his head right and stop playing the US-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli games & ally with Syria, Russia and China.
Erdogan is a horror and this attempted Coup has surely weakened him. Erdogan's own cynical and murderous policies of supporting the ISIS-Qaeda, being the foil for the US-Saudi-Israeli-Qatari gameplan for Syria - created great divisions within Turkey - and has led Turkey to this crisis.
There will be a lot of political churning now and Erdogan too will go for all his crimes in Syria.
Turkey: The CNN-BBC-Al Jazeera - are all in a sense of denial. They are discussing the reasons for the Coup, the weakening of Erdogan, the anger against him, the divisions within Turkish society - BUT -refuse to even mention the Syrian factor!! In fact this is what has led to the divisions and the weakening of Turkey & Erdogan.

Turkey: The secular-Republican party, the CHP has also opposed the Coup!
Clearly now, this is a US-Gulen backed Coup!
Erdogan has been targeted by his Islamist allies namely the Saudis and Qatar for his backtracking on Syria. Hope now that Erdogan and his Islamist supporters trying to destroy Syria have learnt their lesson.
Turkey - As per Russia TV, both Erdogan's supporters and his political opponents have united to oppose the military coup.
This is in many ways is good news for Turkey.
Can see that both CNN, BBC & Al Jazeera are not very happy with the way that the badly planned Coup has gone.