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Direct from Aleppo, Syria: The Ceasefire, Interventionist policy, and Aleppo news

This whole crisis, destruction, cleansing, uprooting people from their homes, poverty, the refugee problem, systematic destruction of infrastructure, raping women, beheading innocents, looting, erasing priceless heritage and historical and sacred buildings and architecture, creating all the zombie-like trash criminals that have invaded us from all over the world..... All that and a lot more, had been made in the name of gaining perhaps 3% more rights than the 80% of rights that Syrians already had. As result, Syrians have lost 80% of what they had before, and have not gained the 3% they were promised that foreign intervention would bring them.

Scene from the Kurdish part of Aleppo, currently hammered by 'rebel' mortars.

"The best thing outside powers can do in the interest of peace is to include civil society groups in future negotiations, listen to what they have to say, and refrain from imposing top-down solutions that ignore the Syrian people." (Stephen Zunes)

The above quote comes from the end of an article on Boston Review , called "Syria after the Ceasefire", by Stephen Zunes:

The West will hammer Syria until the Syrians tell them what they want to hear, not what the Syrians actually want

However, if the Syrian people dared to say that they want Assad, the western powers will either punish the Syrian people more and more till they are all well tamed; or the western media will explain what is happening as "Syrian people are not free, they are terrified from regime repression and punishment. They are forced to vote for Assad". Therefore, let's go and free those people by killing their leader and destroying their army! .... Superman is coming to rescue the Syrians!

Although the article is talking about how complex the Syrian crisis became, but they are mentioning all the stereotypes and clichés, as if tying themselves up with ropes and asking stupidly: "What a mess! What shall we do now?"...

Phony 'democracy' intervention is breaking Syria and someone will collect the pieces for profit

Imposing democracy on countries and societies that have different ruling types, is like imposing Apple Macintosh operating system upon a Microsoft Windows one: We'll have a failed and damaged PC. The usual next argument that comes after that mess would be: "Now that we have a damaged PC, what shall we do to clean the mess?". The PC could be useful only for junk markets, where people can buy its dismantled contents by piece. Dismantling war-torn countries and societies have the same result and future.

After years of 24/7 brainwashing of the world with tons of lies, on all type of media, in focusing on spreading democracy by force on other nations, or changing regimes that don't obey them, and after all these evil strategies were in vain; perhaps the US-NATO interventionists could solve the problem by removing the "democracy glasses" they forced the globe to wear in the first place. Let alone that no one believes that the interventionists really wanted to spread real democracy and freedom in the world. It's all phony and fake versions of democracy destroy nations.

Syria was peaceful before US-NATO intervention

Syrians were living peacefully for decades, happily and independent. We had corruption? And who doesn't have?

We needed some reforms on politics? Many reforms actually took place between 2000-2010, and the old corrupted figures left Syria before 2005 to live in abroad with their stolen fortunes (who later became supporters to the so-called rebels).

Yes, new layer of corrupted figures started to pop up, and it's just a continuous work, just like cleaning and vacuuming houses, there will be new dust covering the surface every week. You deal with new dust by vacuuming it again, not by burning the house and bring it down upon the heads of it's inhabitants.

I always asked ordinary people over here, such as taxi drivers, how were their lives before the crisis. They always say that they were so happy. Everything was cheap. The poor and rich were working and happy. On weekends you would see the poor ones parking their mini pickup vehicles or bicycles on the highway outside Aleppo in front of a green zone (we call that area al-Mohallaq), gathering with families in a picnic and BBQ activities, smoking Sheesha, and eating corn in summers. That was the poor ones' weekly entertainment, where they might stay from midday till midnight. It was peaceful. Today, it's the other way around.

What I always say is that before the crisis, Syria had almost 80-95% of what any nation seeks to have (75-80% legal and straightforward progress, 15-20% corruption in its best, where the progress is possible after paying bribes, something no one is proud of but we can't do much about it unfortunately). We only missed 3-5% of political reforms and freedom.

This whole crisis, destruction, cleansing, uprooting people from their homes, poverty, refugees problem, systematic destruction of infrastructure, raping women, beheading innocents, looting, erasing priceless heritage and historical and sacred buildings and architecture, creating all the zombie-like trash criminals that invaded us from all over the world..... All that and a lot more, had been made in the name of gaining those missing 3% of rights. As result, Syrians lost 80% of what they had before, and didn't gain the 3% they were promised to have! Today we might still have 20% of our original rights and order, however corruption is controlling more than 75% of it.

In the past, bribes were somehow like taxes in the west, we pay it to one party (corrupted employee) and that guaranteed that our problem was going to be solved, or the paperwork going to be submitted. Today, people might pay hundreds and thousands - if not million-folds - as bribes, ransoms, taxes, looting and theft. Too many parties expect to be payed and there is no guarantee whatsoever that we will survive!

Still, the same lame mentality, of searching for solutions, by concentrating on their first big fat lie of toppling leaders and replacing them with puppets, in the name of freedom and democracy. Some misled Syrians are still running after those rosy lies, like thirsty travelers in the desert running after a mirage. They just don't want or can't wake up and smell the coffee.

Updates on Aleppo:

The road to Aleppo is still under daily attacks, and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is protecting it. Sometimes the terrorists are occupying little part of the road for couple of hours before defeated or fleeing the scene. People are traveling on it safely, yet it's still a worrying subject for every traveler.

As for the city, and as I mentioned in an earlier communication, the terrorists of al-Nusra in Aleppo city are targeting the Kurds sector of the city so badly. The SAA is defending them from time to time by airstrikes and artillery; but it's coming on the mainstream media as if the SAA is violating the ceasefire, which is not. Civilians are dying in dozens in the Kurdish sector (Sheikh Maqsoud) after heavy mortar shelling, yet writers are saying that they can't trust the 'regime' in holding the ceasefire! I'm attaching photos that came on the media from over there. [Photos featured here and above- Editor.]

Syria, another Palestine

Syria has become another Palestine, where the blame always goes on Palestinian reactions, never on Israeli provocations. That is the Israeli flavor in conflicts.

Everything that has so far been blamed on the Syrian government in the last 5 years, was done by the 'rebels' themselves. They used chemical weapons against civilians. They besieged villages and towns and cut all food and water supply of reaching them, the hunger strategy in wars. They forced people to leave their homes and to become refugees. They forced people to vote for them and didn't give them their freedom. They kidnapped cities and tortured masses of people because they don't share the same religion, sect, or political opinion. They brought multinational fighters (from 80+ different nationalities) to fight with them, years before Syria asked the help of Hezbollah, Iran, Russia (Three nationalities). The 'rebels' did all kinds of atrocities and yet dare to blame it on the Syrian government.

That is typically the Israeli flavor in wars. Who targeted hospitals, schools, and markets in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Afghanistan; claiming that the enemy is launching rockets from them? Yet they dare to talk about Russian or Syrian jets attacking terrorist hospitals!

Will there be any Syrians left to say what the Syrians want?

Going back to what the Syrian people want, I'm afraid there won't be much of them left anymore in the next presidential elections. The refugees in Europe and other countries can't vote. They had been replaced with multinational fighters. They are the new Syrians now, and they could change the voting results to their sake. Maybe that is one of the reasons of emptying the country of its real people and scattering them in the world as refugees.

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As no-one else has yet commented on it, I’ll mention the latest Western campaign to 'rescue' the Syrian people from their government, launched by Save the Children to coincide with the five years since the ‘uprising’. (I think ‘insurgency’ means the same?)

The essence of the Save the Children campaign is a report based on the testimonies of ‘125 adults, women and children’ from 22 ‘focus groups’, detailing the conditions in Syria for children in particular. I haven’t looked at the report itself, but a double page spread in the Age extracts various statistics, such as ‘number of people in Syria in need of humanitarian assistance – 13.5 million’, and including an article titled “Children resort to leaves for survival”.

It seems hardly necessary to observe that the only places actually mentioned in this article are Moadamiya, Yarmouk and Madaya. But it seems that the focus groups weren’t actually there but probably in refugee camps in Lebanon, like Arsal.. It says: “the findings are consistent with stories told by those who have fled the shell-shocked country”, and ‘the report is dotted with personal stories relayed by humanitarian workers’.

SBS TV, which had ‘the story’ on its news tonight, sandwiched between TWO propaganda pieces about Turkey, showed some short videos extracted from StC report, which were evidently filmed either in rebel-occupied and devastated areas, or in refugee camps.

Also in an interview on the ABC with a StC rep in Beirut, we heard audio of people talking of snipers shooting at them if they tried to escape, and land mines around, and food being held ‘beyond checkpoints’.

No-one said that these were Syrian Arab Army (SAA) snipers, mines and checkpoints, but listeners would assume that. The idea that they might have been ‘terrorist snipers’ was excluded, even though this story could have come from someone in Madaya.

So since we had the ceasefire, the whole emphasis in the West and its media is now to get humanitarian aid in to as many people as possible.

You can see what sort of problem we have with the way that Turkey is being presented. While Davotglu, liar and war criminal, was being feted in Brussels for his great vision, (and Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was being awarded the Legion of Honour prize in Paris for fighting extremism) al Nusra forces launched a few missiles into Kilis, which just happened to come down near where the Turkish media were filming, so Davotoglu could say – “See we are under attack from IS.”

Why didn’t anyone observe that IS forces aren’t supposed to be that close to that border, or note that hundreds of AL Nusra fighters were ferried over it into Syria so recently, along with suitable missiles..

But no, Davotoglu made a great suggestion – to take back all the migrants who have cross into Europe from its soil, in return for more money, visa free travel to the EU and faster EU membership. Great offer!!

And it was welcomed by Euro and UK leaders.

I also heard some nonsense, that ‘for every Syrian refugee taken back, Europe would agree to resettle a Syrian refugee.’ Did they mean for every NON-Syrian refugee taken back?

It’s hard not to conclude that European leaders, but specially Merkel and Cameron, are not just as mendacious and criminal as Davotoglu and Erdogan, when they happily cooperate with these men who have helped to shed so much Syrian blood.

And this report from Aleppo says, for what?

Syrians may be under siege with life-threatening munitions, but we are also under siege with the propaganda that threatens their lives and ours too!