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Complaint: Atrocious distortion of reality by SBS on Syria

Zahran Alloush, the leader and founder of Jaish al Islam Alloush, an extremist Salafi group supported by Saudi Arabia, was killed by an airstrike whilst attending a meeting with other armed Syrian groups on Friday. The group's ideology is similar to that of ISIS, and they have planned to overthrow the secular Syrian government and replace it with an Islamic dictatorship. Bizarrely, SBS, an Australian television station has reported on Alloush as if he were a leader of one of the key opposition groups who ‘would negotiate with the Syrian government’ next month.

Following the UN negotiated settlement in Yarmouk yesterday, there was a report on Australia’s SBS World News which presented the whole situation from the opposition’s point of view.

This is nothing new – SBS is in lock-step with AL Jazeera, and frequently uses its video and commentary in reports on Syria.
However in this report, which talked about the transporting of the jihadists by bus to Raqqa, and other aspects of the settlement that affected the people who couldn’t accept the liberation of Yarmouk on Syria’s terms, there was something else which turned it into devious propaganda.
While the commentary was only about Yarmouk, and what allegedly had happened there before, the video was suddenly scenes of white helmets and bomb sites and hospital treatment which didn’t look like Yarmouk at all. And to
confirm what they actually were, a logo was visible on the screen. You can see it in the collage of screen shots I attach, and it reads ‘Sarmin’. Interestingly this logo also features the ‘Shehada’ in black and white, which is variously the
flag of Jabhat al Nusra and apparently also of Jaish al Islam. Coincidentally today, following the assassination of Zahran Alloush in Ghouta by the Syrian army, SBS has this report which features a photo of the leader of Jaish al Islam – Alloush, sitting between two such flags:
Also coincidentally, we could say, in today’s Melbourne Age, there is an article from the New York Times which is a story about an IS commander who ‘spent his adult years in Sarmin’ – Hassan Aboud.  It is claimed that he is now a key IS commander who was involved in the attack and seizure of Palmyra last year, but previously was with the ‘Dawood brigade’ in Sarmin, a brigade we are told which fought to stop the Syrian army targeting civilians there!
Sarmin of course is where the widely discredited reports of a ‘chemical attack’ killing three children and two grandparents took place back in March, just as the Army of Conquest – Jaish al Fatah was launching its surge into Syria which has done so much damage, and which the Russians are helping the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to fight and destroy even now.
As for Alloush, the SBS report makes him out to be someone who was a leader of one of the key opposition groups who 'would negotiate with the Syrian government next month. This is a total Saudi fantasy, made irrelevant by last week's UNSC resolution. SBS also claims that Alloush was responsible for preventing IS from coming into Douma, or Ghouta and yet again suggesting that Russia and Syria are somehow helping IS by targeting the other 'moderate' terrorist groups.
It’s about time someone told the Saudis the news about the UN agreement,  and SBS needs to stop listening to them and start reporting the truth.
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While I intimated that Alloush could not possibly be taken seriously as part of a negotiated settlement, it wasn't only SBS which had this idea - this morning's Al Jazeera interviewed someone from the Opposition 'SNC', which has already made a complaint to the UN about the 'targeting of Alloush by Russia'. The Syrian Army has acknowledged that the SAA carried out this strike, so the SNC's attribution to Russia is just another piece of propaganda.
Also AJ said that the Yarmouk settlement had been delayed, but also noted that Syria and Russia had negotiated with IS and Al Nusra to leave Yarmouk (presumably to be bombed later - but that's their choice) and insinuated that once again Syria was working with IS, and against the interests of Syrian opposition groups.
Considering the role proposed for Alloush and Jaish al Islaim by the Saudi coalition, and the fact that he has been the orchestrator of continuing attacks on Damascus from Douma, the SAA no doubt made a special effort to dispose of him. The stand off between the Saudi's FM, Adel al Jubair and Moscow will now be final I think, after he rejected Russia's proposal for joint counter-terrorism action back in July, and continues to have the ear of Kerry, in as far as the man has ears.