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International Trade Union Conference for Solidarity with Syria kicks off

Damascus, SANA- Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, activities of the International Trade Union Conference (ITUC) in solidarity with workers and people of Syria against terrorism, blockades and economic sanctions kicked off Sunday at Sahara hotel in Damascus.
The two day conference, organized by the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) in Syria in cooperation with World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU), includes sessions discussing terrorism and its threats on the working sector and people in addition to the means of fighting it alongside with blockades and economic sanctions imposed against some peoples.
In a speech during the opening of the Conference, Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal said “Holding the conference under the patronage of President al-Assad reflects the importance of bringing????? 2 elite members of the trade unions together in Damascus, the beating heart of Arabism, and President Bashar al-Assad’s keenness on making this event a success.”
Al-Hilal highlighted the importance of the conference which shows that the Syrian people are not facing terrorism alone as they have been supported by the trade unions which are one of the most qualified social segments that are eligible to play this role and they are one of the most important national axes that play a significant role in achieving political stability of societies.

He added that the Syrian people are feeling today that they are left alone in face of a danger that does not only threaten them, but threatens the entire world.

 He affirmed that the war launched against Syria is very different from any other wars as it is a war launched by mercenary groups backed by some countries and an economic war coupled by an unjust political, diplomatic and economic siege as well as a media war.
Regarding the migration crisis, al-Hilal said that it is part of the results of the war against Syria in which most of the European countries participated, indicating that the biggest number of Syrian migrants have been displaced by terrorists.
“Europe’s approach to the refugees’ issue shows discrepancy between its economic interests and its racial feelings,”al-Hilal said, adding that despite of the fact that the European media focuses on the Syrians, yet the same statistics show that the Syrians represent only 25 percent of the total number of refugees.
He added that one of the most important results of the war against Syria is the phenomenon of political mercenary the “hotels’ opposition” that has opened the door wide for some rulers such as Erdogan to express their psychological diseases depending on terrorists to realize their illusions.
On the reasons of targeting Syria, al-Hilal indicated that they wanted to destroy Syria because it has proven that it can achieve the independence of its decision and has always supported just causes, on top the Palestinian cause, in addition to its standing in the face of racism, Zionism, and the reactionary and Takfiri mentalities and its calling for establishing a world where peace, international law and coexistence prevail.
“We are side by side with Iraq and Egypt in facing terrorism and in asserting the national independence and protecting the pan-Arab security,” al-Hilal said, calling for forming an Arab and international counter-terrorism alliance.
Al-Hilal reiterated confidence in Syria’s victory thanks to the resilience of its people and its unbowed army and leader who only listens to the voice of his people and who usually affirms that Syria will not give up any inch of its territories.
Al-Hilal concluded by saluting the personnel of the armed forces and Syrian workers and their union, wishing that the conference will achieve the hopes and aspirations of the workers and the nations on building a new world that is free of terrorism and hegemony.
For his part, Chairman of GFTU Jamal al-Qadiri asserted that the conference is a chance for the participants and representatives of many countries to see the true image of what is happening in Syria and convey it to their peoples.
The participants, al-Qadiri added, are due to discuss the issue of terrorism that Syria is facing, pointing out that the Syrian model had laid bare the reality of some Arab countries’ retardation

 He called for unifying efforts to defend the human right to life, security, stability, progress and to face the extremist powers, reiterating that the “Syrian workers reiterate their loyalty to the homeland and its sovereignty, and independence and their adherence to their army and principles.”
General Secretary of ICATU Rajab Ma’atouq said that the international community and the Western countries, despite all what Syria has experienced at the hands of terrorist organizations, are still supporting all forms of terrorism.
Ma’atouq indicated that the fierce war launched against Syria aims at destroying it like what happened in other Arab countries to implement the project of the so-called “Creative Chaos” in the Arab world in an attempt to divide it and redraw its map in a way that meets their interests and ensures the security of the Zionist entity after destroying the resistance powers in the Arab countries and liquidating the Palestinian cause.
For his part, WFTU Secretary General George Mavrikos called for stopping the external intervention in Syria and lifting the siege and the unjust sanctions imposed against the Syrian people.
He asserted that the WFTU participation in the conference aims at expressing solidarity with the Syrian people and workers who have been targeted by the imperialism and its terrorism for about five years.
He affirmed that the WFTU has stood by Syria since the very beginning of the systematic crisis, and clearly said that there are terrorists and mercenaries in Syria who are trying to destabilize the country and its people in the interest of the US and the European Union as the WFTU has supported the Syrian people and worked on conveying a true image about what is taking place.
He strongly condemned the policies of intervention adopted by the US administration and the governments of the EU member states who are seeking to undermine the freedom of choice of the Syrian people to usurp their resources.
He concluded by expressing solidarity with the immigrants and refugees who are “looking for a better future,” wondering at exploiting the refugees by the European governments and who treat them as modern slaves.”
He called for stopping all forms of discrimination against the immigrants and the refugees.
More than 250 union figures and representatives of 100 Arab and international union organizations from 29 Arab and foreign countries are taking part in the conference.