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Cow Rescue

The first day I saw Mani she stood out. When you visit cows on death row they all stare at you without moving. Their eyes pull you into their hearts and you can palpably feel them begging ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ But of course you can’t pick them all unless you are incredibly rich. And even if you were rich and could buy them you also have to think of the cost of maintaining them – feed, veterinary bills, fencing etc. As soon as you buy one, they are quickly replaced by another desperate soul wanting to be freed.

So that first day I saw Mani she took two steps towards me before stopping, which is body language to make her stand out from the others. It worked. She did it every time I visited. So here is her message:-

“Please help me escape from this prison feedlot! I know they are sending me to the cow gulag where I will be quartered and the blood will drain from my neck as I fade into the other world, hearing the sounds of terrified cows screaming all around me.

“I just want to live in peace, feel the grass beneath my feet, the sun on my back and be away from the men with dogs and sticks!

“I will be forever grateful to you if you help purchase me so my rescuer can take me to a cow sanctuary.”

It will cost $1,000 to buy me from the farmer and then a few hundred more to transport her. Will you help me?

If you can help please paypal me any amount at

Update 27/3/2016:
Well I finally got the money together to purchase Mani from the farmer but he played games with me, giving phony reasons why he could not sell her just yet. One day I went down to the pen and she was gone! I had a strong feeling she was at the slaughterhouse. My friend was willing to drive me there with her horse float but first she called the farmer who lied, saying that Mani and a few others 'jumped the fence'. It was not till next morning that I woke up and knew it was a lie. Unfortunately by then it was too late to save her. I'm so sorry, Mani!!! Forgive me ....

As long as people go on eating steaks and hamburgers, this cycle will never end. As long as people refuse to look at the reality of what happens at the slaughterhouse to these beautiful, gentle animals and how they are causing it with their dietary choices, the suffering will go on and on.

Don’t forget there is more suffering in the dairy industry than the meat industry. Babies are taken from their mothers just 5 hours after birth and trucked to the slaughterhouse or just shot. The mother cows cry for days for their lost babies. Dairy cow mothers must endure not only losing all their precious babies but also the rape rack and being mechanically milked, which can sometimes cause udder infections. And at the end of it she still must face the horrors at the slaughterhouse.

It’s time for humanity to stop and wake up. It’s time for people to make compassionate choices so sentient beings don’t have to suffer. Go vegan! It’s the solution for world peace. (See World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle).

See also where one incredibly caring man has purchased land and has 150 rescue cows at his cow sanctuary.

See also where all kinds of farm animals can live their lives in a sanctuary.

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