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Andrews Victoria Gov about to sell whole logs to china to prop-up hopeless VicForests by wrecking our forests

How many more outrageous options for our state’s (planet’s) most valuable climate moderators and wildlife arks can they come up with?! Whole logs to China now. Not even processed (value added!) into woodchips. Has VicForests also got Daniel Andrews by the short and curlies? In The Age today… Discussion on ABC Gippsland’s facebook page …

Victorian forests bound for China under secret Andrews Government rescue plan Date July 12, 2015 - 7:42PM by Josh Gordon, State Political Editor


Victoria's low grade native timber could soon be packed into shipping containers bound for China and other cut-price countries for processing under a rescue plan to help ailing state timber company VicForests.

VicForests has been left without a market for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of so-called "residual" timber following the loss of a key contract with Japanese-owned wood-chip company South East Fibre Exports (SEFE).

In response, the Andrews government is now considering relaxing a rule requiring local processing before export in a bid to open up new markets for the struggling state-owned wood business.

A confidential November 2013 Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) briefing seen by The Age confirms the industry has for months been lobbying to relax the requirement for domestic processing of timber.

"VicForests indicates the Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI) now supports relaxing certain aspects of the export restrictions," the briefing to former treasurer Michael O'Brien, said. "Such a change should lead to improved outcomes for both VicForests and industry. DTF supports the reconsideration of the timber export policy."


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What's new! Almost every asset in Australia is under grabs for China! Housing, meat, kangaroos, agricultural land, infrastructure and natural resources. Timber is just one of them.

The China / Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed 17-June-15 with the aim of reducing the cost of trade between the two countries over the next 20 years.

China and Australia signed a “history-making” $160 billion free trade deal but while the government was lauding it both unions and employers warned it would cost jobs. Australian consumers will get slightly cheaper Chinese products like clothes, electronics and other imports, but the real impact will be in the way we work. So, they will dump more of their commercial produce onto us, and they will take jobs away! We are becoming a nation of service providers, and shopkeepers, for the benefit of China.

Port of Gladstone is on track to be Australia's largest multi-cargo port by the end of the decade. The export of logs began with the first shipment of 38,000 tonnes of logs to China last week. It is expected that woodchip exports will begin in September.

According to VicForests’ own figures, this ‘residual’ timber is 3/4 of the wood being taken from our native forests. The destruction is simply not worth such a low output.