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Wanna defend Islam? Then forget about joining ISIS. Go defend Syria or Yemen instead

My three-month-old granddaughter has finally fallen asleep so I gotta bang this article out fast before she wakes up and I don't have a lot of time to run all this down to you ad infinitum. Thus I'm only going to explain it to you once. So listen up.

If you are a disenchanted western Muslim youth and you are considering running off to the Middle East to join ISIS and fight to protect the name of the Prophet, I only got one word for you. "Forget-about-it".

Let's face it, guys. If Mohammed (PBUH) was living today, he would be absolutely horrified by ISIS. Horrified! Absolutely. Muslims hacking Muslims to death like they were bloody chickens being slaughtered for Eid and Muslim men raping Muslim women like they were cattle instead of humans? Forget that. Just forget it. The Prophet would be totally appalled.

But if you really really do want to fight to protect Islam, then go to Damascus and join Assad's heroic Syrian army instead. Or go fight for Hezbollah. Or join the Houthi in Yemen. Or decry the slaughter of Muslims in Gaza. Are you pissed off at the western neo-colonialist imperialist Empire of Chaos for unjustly demonizing your religion and destroying the Middle East? Then put your freaking anger where your mouth is. Go fight against ISIS -- not for it.

You need another reason to fight against ISIS? I got another one here.

ISIS was originally created in order to spread chaos in the Middle East so that western neo-colonialists could easily swoop in and take over once all those pesky Muslims who actually own the land (and oil) there are finishing slaughtering each other. And you disenchanted western Muslim youth want a piece of this? Really?

Fighting these neo-colonialist bastards' wars for them is definitely not halal!

Anyone who does even the slightest bit of research and anyone who is even slightly intelligent enough to question all the American, Israeli, European and Saudi neo-colonial lies and propaganda that we are constantly bombarded with has just got to know that western imperialists are equipping, training and backing ISIS -- for both fun and profit.

So if you are a good Muslim, don't even think about joining ISIS because the western Empire of Chaos will have all the fun -- and you will be left getting none of the Prophet.

And after the American, Israeli, European and Saudi neo-colonialist bastards get done destroying the Middle East, they are gonna turn on America, Israel, Europe and Arabia next. You think I'm wrong? It's already started to happen.

Oops, gotta go. The baby's awake. And it's time for disenchanted western Muslim youth to wake up too.

Jane Stillwater was an independent observer at the 2014 Syrian elections. Her blogspot is This article was first published on that blogspot, here:


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Jane Stillwater was one a number of foreign observers who verified that the Syrian Presidential elections of 4 June 2014, in which President Bashar al-Assad won the overwhelming endorsement of Syrians, were conducted fairly. She and three other observers described the elections at a press conference held at the United Nations on 20 June 2014.

Why is the world standing by while the Saudis invade, bomb and ethnically cleanse Yemen? Why would anyone support an extension of the Saudi Royal Family's depraved and brutal dictatorship? Yet Australia supports Saudi Arabia, along with the USA and NATO. This is mad. I mean, if you don't care about women's rights, what about gay rights? There aren't any of either in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi conflict with Yemen goes back to the 30s of the last century When Then (king) Abdul Aziz (Bin Sa'ud), had attacked three of Yemeni provinces (Aseer, Jeezan and Najran). Bin Sa'ud was defeated. He was forced back to Tai'f after counter attack by the Yemeni Imam Yahya's forces. Bin Sa'ud on his part, did not give up. He seek d British colonial help, (was based in Aden+south coast of Yemen today) in the same time he had besieged Yemeni (Huday-ydeh) port. By this Imam of Yemen was forced to singe agreement with Bin Sa'ud Known as (Tai'f Agreement) to lease those three provinces to him for 20 years, so to be renewed every 20 years after. Ever since the Sa'uids kept creating all sorts of conflicts in Yemen internally and externally, including buying loyalties among notable Yemeni tribes,army officers and conducted Wahhabi religious Missions to brain wash Yemenis. This continued up-to 2004 after the rise of the (Ansaar-ullah, Huthy) movement in Sa'ada provence in the north of Yemen, who refused the continuation of the renewal of the lease of those three Yemeni provinces. Hussain Bader-u-ddeen Al Huthy (was the sole founder and spiritual leader of that movement) was killed during that year in cooperation by the Yemeni government under president Ali Abdullah Salah and the Sa'udi forces. Leader Hussain's killing fueled up his message more, expanded through most of north Yemeni tribes and grow rapidly to covered almost all of north provinces rather than Sa'ada. Between (2004-2014) Huthy movement became formidable force that was able to challenge both the Sa'udi and Salah government. Also witnessed massive enrollment from the Yemeni army ranks and troops, to the movement. It became impossible to distinguish between the army and the movement. In 2014 this total mass managed to control the capital Sana'a distributed over all government's offices and organizations maps of Yemen which included, the above three provinces (Najran Jeezan and Aseer). As a mater of fact it created grate panic to the Saudis who know what that (can result into)+the discovery of huge oil reservoir in Yemen (Jouf) province north, close to Saudi borders, THIS IS THE REAL REASONS FOR THE SAU'DI AGGRESSION AGAINST YEMEN. It is nothing to do with any thing else.