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Two MPs speak out on live export outrage: Kelvin Thomson, Jill Hall.

On October 23, 2014, Jill Hall, MP, Federal Member for Shortland, and Kelvin Thomson MP, Federal Member for Wills, voiced their outrage at the sickening cruelty to Australian animals in Gaza, Jordan and Kuwait could have been avoided if the Agriculture Department had acted on the massive catalogue of evidence they've been presented with over the past year.

Their joint media release pointed out that export company Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) is yet again implicated in this cruelty. LSS is actually written on eartags of Australian bulls in Gaza. Australian bulls in Gaza are being stabbed to death while fully conscious. LSS is the same company responsible for regulatory breaches in Gaza last year, and implicated in regulatory breaches in Jordan.

It is a disgrace that the Department can "investigate" these breaches indefinitely and take no action. It makes a laughing stock of claims by the government and the industry that the ESCAS system is working. The ESCAS system is supposed to make exporters accountable for the fate of the animals. It is doing nothing of the kind. The government is overseeing a regulatory system which is failing in its core mission to protect Australian animals from brutal treatment.

The Agriculture Department Secretary should not give a permit to the LSS ship Maysora, currently docked in Adelaide, to take cattle and sheep to the Middle East. The Secretary could not possibly be satisfied that this exporter has an appropriate compliance record, or that no animals will be subjected to animal cruelty.

Meat and Livestock Australia should be required to report breaches immediately to the Department rather than tip off the exporters.

The export companies responsible for these outrages should have their licences to operate suspended while they are under investigation, and breaches of the ESCAS should result in prosecution. Until real penalties are handed out nothing is going to change.

The Agriculture Minister said last year 'you don't shut the road if someone speeds'. Indeed, but you do take the licence off repeat offenders.


To add insult to injury, the live export industry is taking out class action against our Commonwealth for the live export ban in 2011!
The lead entity in the class action claim is Brett Cattle Company Pty Ltd of the Northern Territory, and the claim is backed by the Australian Farmers' Fighting Fund.

Government sued over Live export ban

The problem is that cattle producers' corporations are becoming larger and extremely wealthy and powerful. They can use their power against our own legally-elected government!

As a democratically elected government, it's our government's duty to respond to the public. That's why the ban was enforced - not to inflict a loss to profits!

The Gillard government put a moratorium on live exports due to horrific revelations of animal cruelty in Indonesia, where cattle from Australia were sent. The level of sadism and extreme cruelty shocked our nation and was exposed on Four Corners.

Now, they have the audacity to confront the electorate! On the contrary, our government has failed time and time again to prosecute export companies for defiling and failing to regulate the ESCAS scheme - to at least give some accountability and minimal animal welfare to the supply chains. However, they ignore the government with impunity.

Like Japan's criminal whaling, long term ignoring of illegal actions and pandering to their economic power eventually gives emphasis and power to the perpetrators.

Class Action on live export and the Australian Government.: Ban live export
To: Class Action on live export and the Australian Government.

The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:
Class action against the Government for mental anguish and emotional trauma

Many of us have been damaged and traumatized since viewing the ABC 4 Corners program exposing the shocking cruelty inflicted on Australian animals within the live export trade.
Over one million of us have signed petitions/ participated in polls/sent emails/letters and held rally's all over the country.
Time and time again we have done this as new horror stories and videos have been released.
We just don't understand how our government can continue to ignore its people!.
Many of us have been deeply affected by the images we have seen, and for many of us this has changed our lives.
We are totally disillusioned with our Government and have lost faith in democracy.
We are attempting to put together a class action against our Government, so if you have been affected by the live export trade please sign the petition and give a brief comment on how this has impacted on your life.
Thank you.