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The Australian Population Growth “Death Cult”

Is Australia governed by morons? Australia preaches about the Asian Century but behaves like the 18th Century British colonists who originally invaded Terra Australis. If Australia understood what it means to be Asian it would realize that most Asian countries have predominantly indigenous populations. For example, Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines to name but a few.

None of these countries run mass migration programs like Australia’s. Australia leads the world in this category. Asian countries are not selling off their assets and housing to foreigners like Australia does; while crying crocodile tears about carbon emissions as they rapidly expand their fossil fuel exports to pay for population growth that the country cannot afford. With one of the highest costs of living of any country the annual growth of the Federal Budget combined with growing Government debt far exceeds the capacity of the growing economy to finance.

Asian populations grow at varying rates, depending on the level of development and the rates of natural births and deaths. None of these countries subject their people to mass migration as a tool to drive GDP growth in irrational contempt for the social, environmental and economic consequences.

If China used mass migration at the same rate as Australia's, it would be flooding the country with over 16 million migrants per year. China's reported population growth rate is 0.6% per annum. Australia's deliberately engineered population growth rate is 1.8% per annum.

Australia is a dishonest, hypocritical country built on a lie that government media fully supports while it preaches about humanity and the environment.

The death cult of Migration Assured Destruction is alive and well in Australia. Even the US example of how to screw up a country is not enough to educate Australia’s ruling class. This is a unique recipe for a cock up.

The argument that population growth is inevitable is as defeatist as the argument that the human race must destroy itself together with the environment that supports it.

The 20th century saw the developed world set the example of fossil fuel consumption for the developing world to follow. Now, in the 21st century, Australia insists on continuing to set the example of ridiculous and unsustainable, migration-based population growth as an example of how underdeveloped countries should behave once they have developed?

The premise of most demographic gurus is that population growth will slow as developing countries become wealthy. If that is true, then why does Australia deliberately drive population growth rates as high as those of some of the most underdeveloped areas of Africa and roughly 4 times the OECD country average? It certainly isn't about prioritising refugee intake.

Australia is an insult to the intelligence of most Australians. The primary responsibility for this reckless stupidity lies with both Government and its tool the ABC; both of whom are beyond the control of the Australian people.

There is no democracy in Australia when it comes to open public policy debate of population growth management and maximising Australia's potential to act humanely and sustainably both at home and abroad. It's just not up for discussion; and that is the essence of what Australia's autocratic "death cult" is all about. Cut philanthropic aid at home and abroad and destroy the environment; all in the name of profit - otherwise misdescribed as "economic growth".

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The colonialist/imperialist empire building and somewhat racist mentality the west, in this case Britain had, has not disappeared. I argue it remains, sublimated and turned inward.

Today, we see councils, organisations adopting the same attitudes towards other nations as the imperialists did, as gains, jewels and assets to collect. The boast that some councils make, about having "diversity" echoes the same attitude which prided in bringing peoples into an empire. However, now that we are no longer capable of building overt empire abroad, we now do it at home. Is it just mere coincidence that those nations which most eagerly collected nations in multi continental empires, subjugating them for thier OWN cause, are the same nations most eager to push "diversity" and consider the existence of additional nationalities as some kind of currency? Do Chinese or Phillipinos feel that other ethnicities are value adding currencies, to be broguht under the one ruling system as a form of accumulation of goods? This is a strange view we have, and the idea of "collecting" people as some moral virtue, as a way of saving them from their own "different" lifestyles into correct, "mainstream" one of ours persists now as it did when white mans burden compelled nations to colonise and transform the globe.

The parallels are striking. This attitude extends itself to immigration for profit, which is just another manifestation of the idea that a human being is an entity which just happens to be attached to an economic resource, rather than a human in their own right. (Imperialism, again). Especially immigration today, which is blatantly economic. How degrading to invite someone into your country, not to build a antion, but just to use their fact of existence to obtain money.

Australia is the driest continent, yet due to heavy population growth, many of our cities now use desalination plants. Perth has two desalination plants while Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane have desalination plants ready to use if we need. Desalination needs more energy to produce, at least 15 times more than water from a big dam. Secondly the desalination plants are quite expensive, Australia was reported to be spending $13.2 billion on desalination plants in 2011 in response to national water "shortages" - or ecological overshoot of human populations!
Governments give disproportional priority to GDP, housing and economic growth, rather than on quality of life, and affordable living. Our food bowls are being concreted over by housing, and costs of living in Australia are spiralling out of control.
High rates of growth were appropriate during the Colonial and post war eras, but can't be sustained forever in dated economic growth. It's tunnel-vision for short term economic benefits over the long term management of our nation. Parliamentary terms are short, and governments have no responsibility beyond their terms in office.
Humans have inherited a destructive, greedy gene that ultimately will threaten our own survival. Maybe self annihilation is imprinted into our genetic makeup and our evolutionary drive? The "death cult" of overpopulation will indeed overwhelm us, and the zeal to obtain scarce natural resources will cause conflicts, displacements, land grabs, encroachments on foreign soils, "peak" everything, global diseases, and eventually mass deaths!

Comedian Rod Quantock's utterly exhausting and hilarious show now running at the Melbourne Fringe Festival features an excellent commentary on the era of Tony Abbott in a global (should I say universal?) and comprehensively historical (should I say prehistoric?) context.

A common refrain is that people say Abbott, or the Liberal party, want to take us back to the 1950's.

If only that were the case! This is giving them way, way too much credit. The 1950's saw economic growth and an improvement in living standards, with people being able to afford homes. Society was moving towards the state providing greater social benefit. We all know the flaws, but things were looking forward.

No, it's more going back to the Gilded Age, the era of Robber Barons, of unrestrained capitalism and exploitation they want to drag Australia back to.

When being interviewed by Virginia Trioli on ABC radio several years ago, I was explaining why we were lobbying for protection of our residential suburbs from inappropriate development when she interrupted making it clear that she was not prepared to accept BRAG’s position and switched me off.

Later on Twitter she extolled the virtue of Melbourne 2030 to make Melbourne a more compact city by encouraging development in the inner and middle suburbs saying “the focus on major transport hubs just seems smart to me” and criticized Plan Melbourne with its protection for existing suburbs from significant housing densification. Virginia went on to say that suburbs like South Yarra, Toorak, Prahran, Armadale, Malvern and yes, even Camberwell, could absorb more residents with little impact.

And now we find that Virginia is fighting against four levels of development next door to her home in North Melbourne (Saturday Age 21st Feb. 2015 - Domain section).

Just proves that we are all Nimby’s when development affects us personally. So, congratulations Virginia, you are now a Gold Class Nimby just like me.

Jack Roach

President BRAG and very proud Nimby, Camberwell.

In fact a new term has been suggested for Virginia -

'NIVBY' Not in Virginia's Back Yard ?

Foreign Investment Forum – Tuesday, 10 March, from 7pm to 8pm
Vermont South Club, Charlesworth Park, 30A Livingstone Road, Vermont South.
As you may be aware, an inquiry into foreign investment in Australian residential real estate was undertaken last year.

The inquiry was prompted by community concerns that foreign investment in Australian real estate is causing a distortion in the market and making housing less accessible and affordable; and it has become clear that there needs to be better enforcement of the rules for foreign purchases of existing homes.

In coming weeks, the Government will announce details of the reforms to foreign investment in residential real estate.

Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, who is the new Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and chaired the inquiry will address the forum on the work of the Committee, outline policy responses and take questions from the audience. Places are limited so you should RSVP asp.