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Responsibility for MH17 Tragedy: Russia's Trade Sanctions Expose West's "Global Disorder"

A report by the Sydney Morning Herald titled, "Julie Bishop says 'petulant' Russian sanctions reflect its lack of acceptance for role in MH17 disaster," claims that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Russia's "petulant" trade sanctions on Australian food imports is yet another example of Moscow trying to evade responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. No evidence for Bishop's position is provided. (See also: Malaysian Mainstream Media: MH17 was downed by a Military Aircraft, "Cannon Fire from Fighter Jet". Article by Tony Cartalucci, previously published 8/8/14 on the Land Destroyer Report and Global Research.)

Bishop fails to indicate why Russia should or would accept responsibility for downing an aircraft when no evidence whatsoever even suggests such culpability. Canberra, Washington, London, and Brussels are citing dubious YouTube videos, Facebook, and other forms of "social media," while Russia has provided radar and satellite pictures and has repeatedly called for and supported a proper, independent, impartial investigation into the incident.

Since no such investigation has been concluded, Julie Bishop is not citing the conclusions of such a process, but merely repeating baseless accusations. These are the same variety of baseless, tenuous lies the West used to sell interventions in Iraq, Libya, and Syria that have devastated entire regions of the planet and left well over a million innocent human beings dead.

This latest from Canberra is the continued leveraging and exploitation of human tragedy to advance a political agenda, not ascertain the truth or seek true justice. Australia's latest comments represent the greater truth behind the West's international agenda – that it is global anarchy dressed up as global order – the rule of the jungle sporting the fig leaf of "rule of law."

Julie Bishop demands Russia take "responsibility," but will she take responsibility for leveling baseless accusations against an entire nation? Defamatory accusations would be grounds for resignation – at least in an administration guided by justice and truth. Each day now that Bishop retains her post is an indictment against the government of Australia's utter lack of both.

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Gerald Celente on ABC radio commenting on flight MH17

Gerald Celente is a trends forecaster, who has a good grasp of predicting future trends and analysing the current state of affairs. He is publisher of "Trends Journal", the world's number one source for information about the most important trends shaping the future.

I highly recommend his regular YouTube videos.