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Tackle inequality and biodiversity by stabilising population

What's different about this petition to tackle overpopulation in Australia? It is published on the Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) site. AWPC, it seems, is the only wildlife group that remains real and courageous when it comes to protecting our fauna. AWPC is entirely staffed by volunteers, is Australia-wide, and hasn't just become some kind of professional fund-raising organisation. This one comes from Matt Moran of Brisbane, Australia and is posted on the Australian Wildlife Protection Council site here.


Tackle out of control inequality for current and future generations and wildlife- Petition

on Jun 22, 2014

Tackle out of control inequality for current and future generations and wildlife.

Petition by

Matt Moran

Brisbane, Australia

Many people believe that inequality is the most important and urgent thing to be addressed by societal reform. A peaceful and sustainable world must be one with less inequality. They usually focus on regulating excessive and unearned income, including economic rents. I am suggesting that corporate driven growth through endless population growth forces wages down and the returns to capital up, and that stabilising population automatically reduces inequality, at the same time as easing pressure on the environment.

The evidence for this is a very strong correlation between population growth rate and the extent of inequality among developed nations, and for developing nations, the only ones which have lifted conditions for the poor (in terms of nutrition, housing, health care and education) have been those which first reduced family size and slowed population growth. All but one have done this through voluntary programs focusing on reproductive rights and child welfare.

Currently, the environmental call to stabilise population is being opposed by the political Right (who seek to maximise returns to capital, even when this is not wealth creation but transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich) and from the Marxist Left (who see population growth as strengthening the power of the proletariat, and who believe that all deprivation is due to inequality and not to real shortages of resources). It is time for the Left to see that their goals are most powerfully achieved by ending population growth, and that they are playing into the Right’s hand by pulling the racist card against people who want to end population growth.

A sustainable society requires a stable population. Its achievement doesn’t impede any actions to reduce environmental impact per person – quite the opposite. How this should translate into policies relating to family support and immigration is open for discussion but generally, the following would be a good start:

a) Provide government incentives for births (baby bonuses) for only the first two children or remove these bonuses altogether and redirect the funds into helping our young avoid the pitfalls of the mistakes of youth including unwanted pregnancy.

b) Balance immigration with emigration – the OECD average. (Note, immigration is not about boats which make up less than 10% of our migrant intake.) This would lower our currently unsustainable levels of immigration from over 300,000 a year to 70,000. We’ve welcomed over 6 million people who were born overseas who’ve wished to join with us in sharing our values and lifestyle, we must start to appreciate the rapidly worsening conditions and extreme inequality that are occurring. We lead the world in mammal extinction, we have an estimated 2 million+ un/underemployed, we have 1 in 8 living in poverty, a quarter of a million homeless on any given night and 2 million having to frequent food bank.

c) Work in partnership with overpopulated nations to ease population pressures, resource scarcity, 3rd world conditions, improve women’s rights and access to family planning, education and health services. For what we spend on resettling a single person here, we can be helping orders of magnitude more in situ.

To get a picture on these issues, please feel free to view Dick Smith’s speech for which he was rewarded with a standing ovation.


Kelvin Thomson, Labor

Tony Abbott, Liberal

Chris Bowen, Labor

Restore equality for current and future generations and wildlife in Australia.


[Your name]

Petition- Tony Abbott to tackle out of control inequality for current and future generations and wildlife

Go to AWPC to leave comments at the site and see what else is happening there. Australian Wildlife Protection Council - petition.

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