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Plan Melbourne caves into a skyrocketing population: Hon Kelvin Thomson

PDF can be downloaded from Kelvin Thomson's web-site or here.
The Hon Kelvin Thomson MP
Federal Member for Wills
Tuesday 20th May 2014
Melbourne's Skyrocketing Population

It is astonishing that the Victorian Government's latest Plan Melbourne now says Melbourne' s population will grow from 4.3 million now to 7.7 million by 2051.

A draft of this plan only seven months ago forecast a rise from 4.3 million to 6.5 million. That 50 per cent rise would be difficult enough to cope with, but 7.7 million is over 75 per cent . In any event, the fact that the projection has altered so radically is further
evidence that estimates of Melbourne's future population are totally unreliable.

Indeed Melbourne's population growth in recent years has far outpaced previous Government estimates.

The consequences of a 7.7 million population for Melbourne will be dramatic. Traffic congestion will be horrific. Housing prices will continue to skyrocket, leaving home ownership out of reach for young people. People will not be able to afford anything other than an apartment or a unit, and gardens and backyards will increasingly
become a thing of the past.

Grey infrastructure (freeways, drainage and sewerage systems etc) will proliferate, at the expense of green infrastructure (public open space and trees and shrubs on private land) and blue infrastructure (creeks, rivers, and beaches). Melbourne will become hotter as climate change is reinforced by the urban heat island effect.

According to Plan Melbourne a 7.7 million population would require over one and a half million more dwellings, of which 960,000 would occur in "established" areas, and 610,000 will occur in "growth" areas. In other words Melbourne will continue to grow both upwards and outwards, continuing its path to becoming an obese, hardened artery parody of its former self. By 2031, in the next 17 years, we will see 470,000 more people in the northern suburbs, 430,000 more in the west, 480,000 more in the south, 200,000 more in the east, and 280,000 more in Central Melbourne.

Accomplishing this will inevitably involve trampling over the rights of residents, who have time and time again indicated that they do not want their neighbourhoods and communities to change in this way.

Victoria First was formed as a non-government organisation last year to campaign against this kind of population growth. We believe that returning Australia's migration levels to those of the 1980s and 1990s will stop this rapid population growth and help us protect and pass on the things about Melbourne that make it a great place to live.

Anyone interested in joining Victoria First can contact the Secretary, Julianne Bell,

on (M) 0408 022 408.
Contact: Kelvin Thomson MP (M) 0458 750 700

NB: in fact, since this recent Media Release, the population of Victoria has been revised again and will now be "projected" at missile speed towards 10 million by 2050!


Some of Melbourne’s most chronically clogged intersections have been left to gradually get worse for several years, in breach of state guidelines that traffic lights must be reviewed every five years to keep pace with congestion.

Authorities ‘‘have no strategy or co-ordinated plan to use ICT traffic management systems’’ to complement broader plans to keep Melbourne’s traffic moving.

The result is an increasingly saturated road network, with deteriorating traffic flow that results in motorists and tram and bus passengers alike spending more time stuck in traffic.

Read more: Melbourne traffic left to get worse as transport authorities fail to fix traffic lights at

With Melbourne's people and good-moving systems saturated, and often at a standstill, it's madness to allow our city to hit 10 million people! Cities are meant to grow organically, in tune with jobs, environmental sustainability, living standards and affordability. Our overloaded city is being bloated by corporate greed, ridiculously high rates of immigration and property developers trying to maximise each cubic meter of space for housing!

In another report, Melbourne is becoming a city of “super-dense” towers, packed with tiny apartments that would be banned in Hong Kong, New York and London.

Sydney, London and Adelaide all have rules that ban new one-bedroom apartments smaller than 50 square metres. But in Melbourne, 40 per cent of the city's newest apartments are smaller than this.

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If were are going to cave into runaway population growth, then it's inevitable our living standards will decline miserably into third world standards. If Melbourne's population is allowed to hit 10 million by 2050, as it's "projected", it means more people will be crammed into ever smaller holes - or living spaces. Unless the Federal government turns off the immigration tap, running at full throttle, and our State government ends it's dependence on housing revenues, then Australian cities can only decline into a dystopia of poverty, crime, a knot of congestion, and implode through excessive costs of living.