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Films of Kelvin Thomson's launch of Victoria First counter-growth lobby NGO

Victoria First is a new organisation to promote democratic empowerment over the size of Victoria's population. It was launched today by Kelvin Thomson, Labor MP for the Wills electorate in Victoria. Victoria is a state in Australia that is at the center of the elite push for a huge population, which is projected to go from 17m in 1994 to 37.5 million by 2050, and possibly 70 million by 2100. Currently immigration contributes 60% + to annual population growth in Australia. Membership forms for Victoria First inside.

This first film of Kelvin Thomson's Victoria First launch speech is the first of several records of this event. Other films will be uploaded of interviews, discussion, election and question time.

Download Membership application form for Victoria First here

Already, infrastructure and services are failing to keep up. In the wake of the population tsunami inflicted on Australia by a runaway power elite in parliament and the press, nature is being paved over with unique fauna in danger of disappearing forever. Homelessness is a new feature of Victorian society. Suicide rates and drug use are climbing. Industrial conditions and wages are declining. There are weekly protests in front of parliament over loss of self-government in the suburbs. Many of these protests are led by women representing community groups. The mainstream media reports little of this, but Kelvin Thomson seems to have picked up on it. Julianne Bell, the force behind Protectors of Public Lands Inc. and Jill Quirk, President of the Victorian and Tasmanian branches of Sustainable Population Australia hold the offices of Secretary and Assistant secretary to Victoria First. This is a reflection of Kelvin's trust and respect for them. The vice President is Michael Bayliss, who ran for the Stable Population Party this year and the President is, of course, Kelvin Thomson .

Kelvin Thomson seems to be the only politician in Australia who chooses to represent the environmental and democratic interests of Australians in the face of the Growth Lobby. See more detail at and

Film 2.Kelvin Thomson Victoria First incorporation 1Dec 2013

This film documents the Elections, Resolutions, and Incorporation of Victoria First.


Chinese interest in Australian residential property is booming, described as the biggest surge from an offshore market in his 30 years in real estate. Australia is undergoing a gold rush, with foreign investments in real estate. With the globalisation of our housing, it's not surprising that Australians new to the market are being squeezed out!
In some suburbs, 90% of the market is owned by Chinese investors.
Cashed-up buyers are snapping up everything from luxury harbour-side property in Sydney to apartments bought off the plan in Sydney, Melbourne the Gold Coast and Perth. It's assumed that Australia is still Terra Nullius, or an un-owned country, or international territory! The existing residents are being displaced and overwhelmed by increasingly rich Asians.
The Chinese owners can then decide to live here, for the lifestyle and the education opportunities. There's no reciprocal agreements for Australians to enjoy China's new prosperity.
The only limitation is that foreign buyers cannot buy existing or established homes in Australia. However, foreigners can buy new dwellings, off-the-plan houses or apartments under construction or yet to be built, or vacant land for development. Existing homes can be purchased by Australian property developers, and then they can transform them into multiple living spaces, to sell for big profits.
The whole predatory industry leaves little opportunity for Australians on average wages to compete in such big players!
The housing industry means we must grow our population to justify all the construction that's filling the hip pockets of investors. These apartment must have "fillers", and immigration rates must continue so that those building up equity in funds, and superannuation, are rewarded.
Victoria First will have heavy competition, and profits speak louder than logic, democratic concerns and grass-roots activities. There are some powerful allies in the pro-growth lobby!

Victoria First - First Public Meeting 2 pm Saturday 1 February 2014 (Venue to be advised - to be an inner city suburb.)
Guest Speaker: Ernest Healy of the Centre for Population and Urban Research, Monash University with the topic "Melbourne – Heading for 'CARmageddon?'”
Hear about Victoria's massive population growth car ownership and dependence.

(Note that the title is not original but was inspired by the Youtube video "Lies We Don't Buy" on the EW Link.

We would give credit but have not discovered the author!See It was originally the ditty "Dumb Ways To Die" by the Department of Transport but went viral internationally and was adapted in countries around the world eg by a Ukrainian band!)