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Help with East West Link submission templates here

Update, 10:56PM, 2 Dec 2013: Australian Senate demands Victoria end secrecy on East West toll road, republished from original article by Greens Senators Adam Bandt and Richard Di Natale. (This article originally published 25 Nov 2013.)
This article is sourced from Protectors of Public Land Victoria. It is about the need to make submissions on East West Link at this point in process. Whilst she acknowledges the public lack of confidence in the process, Julianne Bell of the grass-roots but heavy hitting Protectors of Public Land Vic Inc. argues that making submissions is still important. She has supplied templates here to help submitters avoid the absurdity of reading hundreds of pages before submitting. Find at the end of the article: PPL VIC: East West Link (1) Template Statement to Assist Making Submissions on the Comprehensive Impact Statement on the East West Link (2) Cover Sheet to Accompany Submission 4.

Dear Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. members and friends,

Here is the State Government spiel which reads that it has

"appointed an assessment committee under Sections 35 and 235 of the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 to assess the Comprehensive Impact Statement for the East West Link (Eastern Section) Project and to make recommendations to the Minister for Planning whether or not to grant any applicable approval required for the project to be developed and if so to recommend appropriate conditions for applicable approvals."

Public submissions are being called for on the Comprehensive Impact Statement and have to be in keeping with the Government's "scoping directions". The closing date is C.O.B 12 December 2013.

In order to help you make sense of this process and to avoid your having to digest mountains of literature, we are sending you a template statement on the Comprehensive Impact Statement which you can simply sign and send off or develop as you see fit. You might want to add some additional comments. Be sure to fill out the Cover Sheet. You can send your submission by email or by snail mail. Many thanks to staff in the Office of Greens Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt who developed the statement. (We added to some sections.)

While many regard the "consultation" process over the East West Link as a sham, we consider that it is imperative that Victorians deluge the State Government with objections to the East West Link in the form of submissions to this enquiry. In 2008 over 2,600 people make submissions to the Eddington Review on the then Government's proposal for Mark I of the East West Link. (Many submissions were on proforma.) As you may know the East West Link was "deleted" from the Brumby Government's 2008 Transport Plan.We were told that "people power" was a factor in the decision.

More bad news re the East West Link. We have confirmation that a 700 metre section across Royal Park will be open cut (and cover later - if ever); that the excavated spoil will be trucked out of Royal Park to fill up quarry sites in Keilor; and that CityLink will be widened on the west side taking out parklands, gardens, sports fields and a playground in the municipality of Moonee Valley.

We urge you not only to make a submission but if you belong to a group, please send on this request to your members.

Download the templates here (word docs):

- Submission to Comprehensive Impact Statement on the East West Link November 2013(1).doc
- East-West-Link-Submission-Coversheet-301013.doc


Julianne Bell
Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.
PO Box 197
Parkville 3052


Thanks to Bernard Flinn for the Video giving graphic information on the proposed development.


Originally published here on 2 Dec 2013 on Adam Bandt's web site. By Adam Bandt and Richard Di Natale. Re-posted to candobetter by Against Slavery.

A Greens motion to force the tabling of all documents that Infrastructure Australia has on the East-West toll road was passed on 2 December 2013 by the Senate.

Infrastructure Australia confirmed recently in Senate Estimates that the Victorian Government is yet to provide its full business case for the East West Link despite the Commonwealth Government planning to pour $1.5 billion into the toll road. It also confirmed that the new government had not asked it for advice on the East West link.

"The Senate today supported a Greens motion that will lift the veil of secrecy on the Coalition’s East West toll road," said Senator Di Natale, who moved the Order for the Production of Documents.v

"The Victorian and Federal Governments want to start paving the East West toll road without any proper public scrutiny. Tony Abbott promised to lead a transparent government but of course the Abbott Government has turned out to be about as transparent as a brick wall.

"On every issue, from climate change and education to infrastructure, Tony Abbott is determined to hide the evidence, deny the facts and ram through his reckless agenda. Today the Senate has said, 'enough is enough'."

Australian Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt said that the secrecy around the toll road was astounding.

"It is shocking that the government’s key infrastructure advisor has yet to see the full business case for the East-West toll road," said Mr Bandt.

"The government is trying to keep its business case secret because it knows the economics of the toll road don't add up.

"Well now we will know exactly what the Napthine government is saying to the key government adviser on Infrastructure."

Text of motion

The Senate orders that there be laid on the table by Infrastructure Australia or by the Infrastructure Coordinator by noon on Wednesday December 11 all documents in relation to the East West Link project provided to Infrastructure Australia by the Victorian Government, in particular but not restricted to the full business case.