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Congressional briefing on drones starts at 10am EDT (1am Australian Eastern Summer Time)

Watch here (, on YouTube at or embedded here.

From Update, 9:31am, 30 Oct AEST : The embedded YouTube broadcast is now empty. The testimony was kindly transcribed by a Twitter user starting here and concluding here. The full report will soon be published on Truthout.
Starting at 10:00 AM EDT, Rafiq ur Rahman — a teacher at a primary school in North Waziristan, Pakistan —will appear at a briefing called by Representative Alan Grayson (FL-09), along with his children Nabila and Zubair, who were both injured in a drone attack in October 2012, Robert Greenwald, president of Brave New Foundation, and Jennifer Gibson, staff attorney with Reprieve. This event marks the first opportunity for Congress to hear from drone victim survivors. Note: because, United States is to the East of the International Date Line, the date of the Broadcast to commence shortly, will still be 29 October. In Australia, which is to the West of the International Date Line (see The World Clock — Time Zones.)

Drone Survivors Speak at Congressional Briefing Called by Rep. Grayson

Sound starts about 5 minutes into video. English is interspersed with other language. Subtitles can be read at full screen size. At 12.02 the video within the video ends and we hear a panel speak English to the inquiry directly in the room.

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'Miniature acts of war'

(Quotes and paraphrases from the Congressional hearing:)

The killings are extra-judicial.
They cause collateral damage.
Public opinion is mobilised against the US in every nation targeted by these strikes.
The US finds itself in international crisis. If Chinese drones killed people in the US who showed anti-Chinese sentiment US citizens would find that unacceptable.

Anonymous killing from the skies.

No other type of human activity where you accept the fact that 10-30% of the dead will be innocent.

If it were a drug that killed 10-30%; if surgery that did so... these activities would be forbidden. Yet we accept this in the practice of drone killings.

Hope faith charity love... peace trumps them all.

These strikes are done in the absence of the target victims names even being known.

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