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The Schism

August 21st 2013 may go down as the day of 'the Schism' - between the narrative of 'Western' culture as it promotes itself, and the reality for those across the Gulf. Ironically this is both a physical gulf, known both as 'The Persian gulf' by the countries aligned with 'Persia', and as 'The Arabian gulf' by the Arab gulf nations bordering it on the south, and a psychological and cultural gulf.

What happened on August 21st in Damascus was of course NOT a Sarin attack in East Ghouta which killed hundreds or thousands of civilians and children; we have little evidence that any of these assertions are true - that Sarin was used in E. Ghouta, that people died from it there or elsewhere. We have evidence only that some people tested in the area a few days later had been exposed to some form of Sarin. Because these 'victims' were provided by one of the parties in the armed conflict we cannot say where or how they were exposed.

At the same time we have some significant evidence that a different and far more serious crime was committed around this time, by some element of the opposition armed groups. In the many videos released after the alleged attack purporting to show its consequences, and on which the whole series of events of the last month has been based, it appears that some children pictured had been abducted from villages near Lattakia following brutal massacres by Al Nusra groups a few weeks earlier. (1)

Because the armed opposition groups had been struggling to hold ground against the Syrian army recently, and particularly following the stategic recapture of Al Qusair on the Lebanese border, it was clearly in the interests of these groups to stage the 'Chemical Weapons attack' to bring in the foreign assistance they needed. It was also in the interests of certain Western powers seeking to extend their influence in Syria to conspire with these rebel groups to provide a pretext for an 'intervention'.

Since very early in the Syrian conflict, and in fact since the start, 'false flag' massacres and attacks have been staged and used to raise Western voices against the Syrian government. So successful was this campaign, which essentially has brainwashed the mainstream Western audience into a completely false narrative, that Opposition forces were able to stage a 'Sarin Attack' in circumstances which made it almost impossible to believe that the Syrian government would be responsible. Even solid supporters of the Western imperial campaign were forced to concede this point, but finally succumbed to the continuing and unyielding accusations of US and NATO leaders. Vladimir Putin famously called the suggestion that President Assad would use Sarin under these circumstances "Utter Nonsense", but we are told that most of what Putin says cannot be trusted.

Now as time goes on, and we have a 'historic agreement' at the Security Council to secure Syria's chemical weapons, the Gulf has become too wide to cross; we have been brought to the brink of a regional war, and saved from it by Russia, all based on a fabricated narrative about Syria using chemical weapons. Those who believe this lie can see no problem in the events of the last month, while those who know it is a lie can see that all the Western leaders are liars and criminals pusuing Western self interest.

There is no intermediate position possible in this 'schism' of two worlds; for those on the side of 'the Resistance' we can trust nothing and noone from the West and its allies - anything is possible. Whereas for them it is simply a question of who knows it is a lie, and who just believes it.

This is just a start....



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