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Stable Population Party Candidates - Good to go!

Reporting on the Australian elections by the ABC is Orwellian. If it sends chills down your spine then you will understand why is so keen to publicise political alternatives, especially any that promise a civilised halt to the overpopulation juggernaut to which Tony Abbot and Kevin Rudd have hitched their evil stars. This article promotes information about the candidate list for the Stable Population Party. The introduction was written by Sheila Newman, who has also filmed their Victorian candidates.

The Stable Population Party has announced that it has now finalised Senate groups in all states and territories. it has also just approved House of Representatives (local) candidates in the seats of Griffith (challenging Kevin Rudd) and Denison (challenging Andrew Wilkie). It has a final total of 26 candidates in our very first election.

Candidate list: CLICK HERE

The party is looking for polling place volunteers.

If you would like to join a support group for one of our 10 local candidates for other campaign activities, please let us know ASAP and we will put you in touch: CLICK HERE

House of Representatives

Final list of House of Representatives candidates:


BEROWRA - Deborah Smythe

LINDSAY - Geoff Brown

EDEN-MONARO - Martin Tye

WARRINGAH - Mike Cottee


BRISBANE - John Roles

GRIFFITH - Jan McNicol


DENISON - Brandon Hoult


LALOR - Jonathan Page

MELBOURNE - Michael Bayliss

MELBOURNE PORTS - Steven Armstrong


The Stable Population Party is running Senate groups in every state and territory, so every Australian voter will be able to vote for a stable population above the line on the Senate (large white) ballot paper.

Fundraising campaign

The Party is getting close to achieving our fundraising goals, to ensure it can pay the $32,000 Senate nomination fees, as well as 10 local candidate nomination fees of $1,000 each.

It is looking for help.

Donations of $20, $100 or more are greatly appreciated. Donations up to $1,500 per annum are tax-deductible.

To donate: CLICK HERE

William Bourke is the President of the Stable Population Party.

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The Stable Population Party declares itself to be "Committed a stable, sustainable, open and tolerant Australia."

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The latest figures from Youth Sector Change Drivers Group Forum revealed 49.7% of Sunshine Coast youth aged 15-19 were unemployed. Thousands of school leavers will struggle to find jobs in the new year, with one of the nation's top youth bodies warning the numbers of unemployed teenagers are reaching alarming levels.

457 visa use is rapidly expanding, and the largest single occupation is ‘Project Administrator’ – a role the Union understands is one of most commonly rorted occupations. The CFMEU claim that the 457 visa system is being used as an excuse to use cheaper, more compliant workforce – and employers who defend its use based on skill shortages need to examine the local labour market first before choosing this option.

A recent advertisement by RecruitWest called for 457 visa holders who are carpenters and plumbers to apply, in WA where youth unemployment is at 8.5 per cent. This, ironically, is happening under the "Labor" Federal government.

Youth unemployment across the world has climbed to a new high and is likely to climb further this year, a United Nations agency has said. It warned of a ''lost generation'' as more young people give up the search for work.

Why, then, is our "Labor" government persisting with skilled permanent, and uncapped temporary, migration? The deregulation of the jobs market is totally inconsistent and contradictory to any traditional Labor policies.

Data released in July showed new applications for the Youth Allowance surged by 41 per cent from May 2012 to May 2013, and the number of Youth Allowance beneficiaries increased by 27 per cent in the same period. Why is our Labor government not being more realistic about skilled migration - considering our economic slowdown?

Importing foreign-trained skilled job seekers should not be an alternative to investment in industry expansion, skills training or tertiary education.

Almost 40 per cent of 457 "temporary" visa holders have gone on to become permanent residents. The permanent migration program is capped, but the temporary migration program is not.

Our "Labor" Government has maintained a very liberal approach to the entry of migrants holding temporary visas, on top of high numbers of permanent immigration. Almost 40 per cent of 457 visa holders have gone on to become permanent residents.

Youth unemployment is a growing problem but idea of boot camps won't guarantee there will be job vacancies to apply for. What's needed is some logical, realistic and common-sense policies to ensure that our own, domestic workforce is invested in first and foremost before more potential employees are imported off-shore.


Letters to the Editor (published in Canberra Times) Aug 10, 2013

The ACT government needs help with home stay - I need the government to stop its intergenerational theft.

In 1991, a 500-square-metre new block in Conder cost one year's average wage. Now it cost 4½ years' average wage. That is the difference between paying off a home in 10-15 years, as opposed to an entire working life plus a kidney or two.

The government is the only supplier in a market where it sets the price. Just release new blocks on the suburban fringe for about one year's average wage, and I'd be more than happy to build a new, bigger home (as would thousands of others). Then we'll gladly help out with home stay.

If the government relies on hyper inflated housing prices, then I suggest it changes its business model. There is very little difference between slavery and unaffordable housing. Housing is a human right. Houses are for people, not the other way around.

My children will never afford to buy a home at this rate. As a home owner, I am more than prepared to see the value of my home decimated to correct this desperate situation.

Anthony Peterson, Torrens

Thanks to "big Australia" and other misconceived mistakes on Rudd's behalf, before he could too much to honour his pledge, he was out of office! This happened not before he, ironically, increased immigration to over 300,000 per year in 2009 - exacerbating the homelessness problem!
Homeless Persons Week, which ends on Sunday, has come and gone with neither Labor nor the federal Coaliton offering any new certainty or commitments on homelessness.

Parties offer no real hope for the many homeless: The Age

Labor is failing to meet even an interim deadline of a 7 per cent cut in homelessness by 2013, and even the Coalition have no solutions to a growing problem. The cost of housing is outstripping incomes, and "affordable housing" is a fading dream!

In NSW, 40 homelessness services will possibly close due to funding threats. These services should be only for dire emergencies for the most vulnerable, not as a regular part of our society because of governments "growth" agendas.

The Australian Council of Social Service says 100,000 Australians are homeless each night, and services are struggling. ACOSS called on both parties to commit to a new, four-year agreement as a matter of urgency.

Of course, the "elephant in the room" is ignored, of unprecedented rampant population growth! Ponzi schemes always trap the unwary masses and discard them callously without care of their losses.

Only the Stable Population Party addresses the root cause of our inability to provide affordable housing. Once our population stabilized, there will be enough existing houses for all!

The standard of political discourse seems to have become so low that many politicians don't even feel the need to promise to do anything useful to win your vote

Kevin Rudd's promise to halve homelessness by 2020 also seems to be a promise to leave 50,000 of the 100,000 curently homeless Australians still homeless after 2020! In all probabilty Rudd will no longer be in politics to be held to account should he have failed to honour his first promise 7 years from now. How many of the other 'lucky' 50,000 will have to remain homeless until 2020 even if Rudd were to keep that promise?

The story, referred to by nimby is also in the Sydney Morning Herald of 11 August 2013 : Parties offer no real hope for the many homeless.

An older story is: Shame on us: Rudd pleads for homeless of 28 Jan 2010.

Re: 'Sydney Morning Herald of 11 August 2013 : Parties offer no real hope for the many homeless'; I differ. The major parties offer the certainty of more and more homelessness and suffering. The Stable Population Party does offer hope to the homeless. But the SMH would not want to publicise that because it makes much of its money out of promoting housing inflation by encouraging population growth.

Australia First Party


John Carbonari For Deakin

Australia First Party has chosen John Carbonari as its candidate for the electorate of Deakin in the poll of 7th September. Mr Carbonari has been a small businessman, and is committed to the values of Australian Independence, Identity and Freedom, which underpin the standard of living, and quality of life for our People.

Mr. Carbonari said:

“In this campaign, our party places Australia and Australians first.

Australians are now experiencing the effects of the Globalisation Programme of Big Business, introduced over the last few decades by their servile Lab/Lib politicians. This programme of free trade agreements; financial deregulation; UN agenda’s: along with plague level immigration, multicultist disorder, and environmental ripoffs, has reduced Australia’s economy to a “trinket” sale type focussed on the flogging off of resources and use as a living space for other peoples; and to our decline from “Lucky Country” status.

Free trade scuttling of our manufactures under an avalanche of cheap imports, has caused unemployment despair not seen in decades. Some 800,000 Aussies are now on new start benefits. 25% plus of our youth are under/unemployed.

6,000 applicants for 350 jobs at a new retail business in Ringwood in June tells the truth of unemployment misery!

This is intolerable - what hope is there for a society that denies employment opportunity to any of its citizens? Australia First intends to utilise Aussie resourcefulness to eradicate this blight on our youth, and working people.

The brunt of the immigration disaster is now befalling Aussie families, and effecting our quality of life. Clogged infrastructure - roads, hospitals, schools, etc; bleeding off of welfare from OUR needy; skyrocketing house prices forcing many out of contention, or into mortgage slavery, stress, and homelessness.

I reject outright the Lab/Lib plans for population-led push to high rise and unwanted business hub development in the electorate, supporting local heritage and the preservation of sensible urban living. The intended Lib/Lab explosion of the population of Greater Melbourne to six millions, a single merged urban sprawl from Geelong to Packenham will degrade our lifestyle irrevocably.

Many Aussie families are further struggling to pay the sky rocketing bills of the now foreign owned utilities, sold off under the trade agreements opening all and every enterprise in Australia to multinational corporations.

Australia First supports ending the immigration programme - full stop - enough of population overload; and to lower bills, pledges to renationalise our utilities.

The Lib/Lab parties are lying brazenly on the issues of refugees, and sustainable population. They play act a tough game that they are going to stop the fake refugee swarms, but it is all a con - their stopping of boats will be by flying such unwanted into Australia by planes, - for this supports the Lab/Lib 50 million population plans. Australia First will withdraw our military from American foreign wars for forward deployment to protect Australian Sovereignty from this assault - no ifs or buts - Australia for Australians!

Australia First concepts of Strategic National Self-sufficiency and Steady State economic objectives are at the core of our guarantee as a Nation, and for rebuilding a vibrant productive economic system for full employment of well skilled/trained Australians, earning their independence, dignity, and quality of life. The politicians of Big Business who parrot for never ending exponential growth economics, are for a system that is now of the past, in the interests of the money changing class only, offering real Australians nothing but continuing decline to third world standards.

Against the political caste jargon for “The Asian Century”, Australia First unashamedly demands an Australian Century for our people - and return of the “Lucky Country”.

I stand to serve the constituents of Deakin, and for our Australian future”.
Authorised by R Blythe Warbuton Hway Wesburn 3799. Editorial comment: Whilst we wish the Australia Firtst Party well

Japan has a declining population and well as an ageing population, yet they have seen an economic splurge since the beginning of the year. The country's gross domestic product, the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the economy, grew at an annualized pace of 3.5% in the first three months of the year. Data showed annualised growth came in at 4.1pc in January-March, up from a preliminary reading of 3.5pc and well ahead of many other industrialised nations who are struggling to stoke their economies.
The improvement was partly due to an upward revision in capital spending, a key measure of confidence among the nation's producers. Production is the key to a healthy economy, not adding to population and then discovering that's there's not enough jobs! High immigration is hampering our productivity. We should learn from Japan's independence and pride in their nation-hood.

"The anti-population and anti-immigration brigade in the Stable Population Party (SPP) but bad news for young people wanting to buy a home.

"The SPP's Lindsay candidate, Geoff Brown, is plying the SPP's anti-immigration and anti-development message in Sydney's western suburbs. So if you want to buy a house in Sydney's west, the message is 'sorry, we're full'".

The SPP is against building houses for first home buyers. It wants to reduce child support payments so women have fewer kids and slash immigration numbers because it says these people (mainly the battlers) consume too much - even though Australia exports $60 billion of food per year.

On the contrary, home ownership will be easier once our population is stabilized. The population issue is far more profound than simply having enough food to eat! Even battery hens have this much!

Imagine 50 years ago if we had said to people from Italy, Greece and the Baltics states, 'sorry, we're full'. They helped build modern Australia.

Of course immigrants helped build Australia! So did convicts. It doesn't mean that something can be positive in perpetuation, and forever. Once a being, or community, reaches its optimum size, over-growth is detrimental.

The SPP has no environmental record. It is 'green washing' its anti-immigration agenda by using environmental language to stop the land development in Sydney's west. Some of Sydney's fastest growing areas are in Canada Bay, Auburn and Parramatta (the Parramatta Road corridor). All have seen large increases in building high-density dwellings over the last twenty years. Why? Because people want to live there. They too are the story of modern Australia unlike the naysayers.

Of course Sydney is full! Housing over food bowls, traffic congestion, environmental destruction, and land clearing from biodiversity are symptoms.

(Mr King lives in Adelaide but works in Sydney. There are two sides of his business. The main side of the business is a consultancy that examines local demographics and business issues.

Who is Mr King? He is not identified in the article.

He is currently consulting for a large firm in western Sydney (not development). About two out of four weeks are spent in Sydney. "I have a comprehensive understanding of population dynamics in western Sydney". he said.

The other side was an offshoot from when he worked at DEEWR. He helped older job seekers via the JSA network find employment in the Priority Employment Areas, mainly in western Sydney, Adelaide and Tasmania at Launceston.)

Buying Houses: Penrith Star

Mortgage stress, homelessness, unaffordable housing, housing over valuable biodiversity hotspots and farmland issues will actually be solved by population stabilization. Those opposing are likely to have vested interests in population growth.