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'Rebels' not Syrian Government using Chemical weapons - doctors, witnesses, UN investigator says

Update, 23 June 2013 : Israeli Intelligence News: Syria Rebels Possess Chemical Weapons, US-NATO Delivering Heavy Weapons to the Terrorists on Global Research by Prof Michel Chossudovsky. (This article originally published 8 May 2013.)

See also: The Forbidden Truth: The U.S. is Channeling Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria, Obama is a Liar and a Terrorist of 14 June 2013 by Prof Michel Chossudovsky on Global Research.

The mainstream media, including the Australian Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) no longer disputes that the pretexts used to justify the United States' wars against Iraq in 1991 and 2003 were lies. Yet, in spite of the appalling consequences, including as many as 3.3 million Iraqi deaths according to one recent estimate, the SBS has shown itself willing to echo a new series of lies, which have been contrived by the same people responsible for the Iraq War. This time the target is Syria.

The new set of lies are to justify their ongoing proxy terrorist war against Syria and, if they see it necessary, escalation to an all-out conventional invasion. That war has so far claimed 70,000 Syrian lives. In spite of this terrible human cost, the Syrian Governemnt and the Syrian Arab Army have still shown themselves to be capable of defending their country and of infliciting crushing defeats upon the terrorist killers.

Chemical warfare claims blamed on wrong side

The latest of many examples of lies used by the SBS against Syria are their reporting of claims by the United States that the Syrian Government has used chemical warfare against its own people. For many weeks now, the truth of from where the real threat of chemical attack has been understood by people prepared to look at the evidence. This includes alternative news services such as Global Research, Tony Caretalucci's and the Corbett Report. That threat was not from the Syrian Government, which has nothing to gain by killing the same people who support it and have stood with it against the terrorists for more than two years. The threat of chemical warfare came from the terrorists.

Independent commission interviews many but finds no chemical weapons evidence against Syrian government

It was more recently confirmed by the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria. As reported on PressTV and elsewhere:

The UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria could not find any evidence that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons against militants, commission member Carla Del Ponte has said.

"Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated," Del Ponte said in television interview.

"This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities," said Del Ponte, a former Swiss attorney-general who also served as prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Undue prominence given to statements of disbelief from Whitehouse

In its news report of 6 May, the SBS gave prominence to the unfounded claims of US White House spokesman Jay Carney that the Syrian Government, and not its terrorist opponents, has used Chemical weapons. The effect of this report was to diminish the impact the more credible story of Carla Del Ponte's report, which was founded upon evidence, that the perpetrators of the chemical attack were the US-backed terrorists.


The only evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is of use by the terrorists fighting to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad as attested to by UN inspector Carla del Ponte.

Nonetheless, those seeking to manufacture an excuse, that could be used to gain public acceptance of an invasion of Syria by the United States and its allies, have claimed that they have evidence that the Syrian Government has used chemical weapons against its own people.

The claim that Assad would use chemical weapons against the very people who, by their support of his government, has enabled the Syrian Arab Army to hold out against the terrorist insurgency for over two years, is ludicrous in the extreme. Nonetheless, like the lies of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, the incubator babies, the Tonkin Gulf incident, this lie may yet make it possible for the United States to do wage war against the Syrian people on the same scale that it already has in Iraq and Libya.

The lies uttered by US Secretary of States John Kerry, as recorded on YouTube on 11 May 2013, is further evidence of his and his government's criminality :

The above speech should be contrasted with 27 year old Vietnam War veteran John Kerry's speech against the Vietnam War in 1971. (The speech commences 10 minutes and 20 seconds into a 42 minute and 30 second Democracy Now broadcast.)

For the truth about who has used chemical weapons in Syria, see UN's Caral del Ponte stupefied by Syrian Opposition Sarin Use of 6 May 2013 :

See also U.N. Says Likely Rebels Used Chemical Weapons NOT Syrian Government! of 6 May 2013 :

The above, somewhat longer, broadcast of 5 minutes, 30 seconds, further confirms that the terrorist insurgents, and not the Syrian government as deceitfully claimed by John Kerry above, used chemical weapons.

The broadcast is largely comprised of BBC footage. On past occasions the BBC has been caught out misreporting the Syrian conflict to the detriment of Syrians. However on this occasion the report is largely truthful and a valuable answer to lies broadcast elsewhere.

Nevertheless, the report suffers from lengthy complaints that the Syrian Government refused to give the UN Weapons inspectors unlimited access to search for chemical weapons. Given that the Syrian Government is concerned that such an inspection would make it possible for the United States and other enemies of Syria to gather intelligence to use in their planned invasion, as were the inspections for Iraqi WMDs prior to the 2003 invasion, and the absurdity of the claims against the Syrian Government, its refusal is understandable.

In a rare instance in the which some of the truth about the Syrian conflict is revealed to its listeners, at 9.30 pm on 15 June, ABC News Radio reported that members of the Australian Syrian community had protested in Sydney against the plans by the United States to directly intervene in the terrorist war against Syria. The Syrian protestors also repudiated US Secretary of State John Kerry's lie that the government of Bashar al-Assad had used Chemical weapons against the people of Syria, thereby crossing a "red-line" which Kerry says would justify greater US intervention in Syria.