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Joe Hockey's "Work Choices" back flip: too little, too late

November 2005, WorkChoices legislation was rammed through Parliament. Barely a week in the House; just three weeks for Senate review.

Now, suddenly, former Work Place Relations Minister Hockey proclaims
that WorkChoices "went too deep; it was a mistake," even though it was introduced with "the best intentions."

"We should never have got rid of the old 'no disadvantage' test ... ". Tens of thousands of vulnerable workers, waiting for their agreements to be assessed against the "fairness test," agree with Hockey.

Too little; too late, Mr Hockey! Why was Hockey so silent two full years ago, and when the no-disadvantage test was chucked over-board? What will Hockey do now, once Labor introduces its legislation to redress the "mistakes" of the Howard Government?

Judy Bamberger,
O'Connor ACT

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