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Refugee Convention...tolerance in our time?

The 1951 Refugee Convention is a Post-WWII international agreement that sought to deal with the humanitarian consequence of a global war.
It has become a means for the 'have-nots' to economically migrate from the Third World to the perceived First World 'haves'. But the definition is relative.
Worse, the problem is not solved, just shifted geographically. Emigration is a consequence of a failure to contain and resolve internal humanitarian problems. It is easier to remove a nation's people than to solve a national social problem, but the human burden is simply relocated.

The UN has proven to be an abject failure, repeated in every incident of national unrest. Too little, too late, default reliance upon charities like the Red Cross and Medicines Sans Frontiers. Recall Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq, Sri Lanka, and now Syria. No one would leave their country of birth if they had a choice for a safe and prosperous life. Yet is does precious little to curb the international arms trade. Where did Gadafi and Syria obtain their military hardware? - from the Chinese Government.

'CHINA appears to have offered to supply massive amounts of weapons to the crumbling Gaddafi regime during Libya's civil war, violating UN sanctions and casting serious doubts on its public switch to support the rebels after it saw they were winning.

The revelations including the proposed sale of rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles may prove problematic for China as it tries to protect and extend its investments in the Libyan oil sector following the country's leadership change'. [Source: Sanction-buster China caught out offering to sell Muammar Gaddafi arms].

The peoples of the First World have been made to feel guilt-ridden by their wealth, and so obligated to open their home country to the world's people, unconditionally.
Britain has. German has, France has. What is the consequence? Who is measuring the economic, social and environmental results? Who is the watchdog of such 1951 policy? Sixty years later, is anyone questioning its merits or evaluating it?

The Refugee Convention does not set limits. It talks in humanitarian terms of persecuted individuals, not what happens when hundreds of thousands of such individuals seek asylum in First World countries. It arrogantly fails to set a quota, so by consequence imposes no limits on intake.

What is stopping the entire population of the horn of Africa, fleeing famine and persecution, from applying for asylum in Australia - all 100 million of them?
Australia has signed the Refugee Convention so OneWorldists like Sarah Hanson Young of the Australian Greens will make us all feel guilt ridden if we don't open our homes to the world's hoards! In their ideal vision...'local forgo local rights', 'my backyard is the world's commune', irrespective of how hard I may have worked for it. Private property becomes the world's property.

We are told that the new world order is a global village with no borders!

Then we give the the baby bonus and all Australia's infrastructure is overrun. Human population sprawls over remnant islands of habitat of threatened species of wildlife.
Such ecological compromise has afflicted the Australian Greens since the OneWorldists infiltrated and sidelined its foundation environmentalists.

The Refugee Convention ignores the rights of the people in the recipient countries to have a say.
It ignores the UN responsibility of containment of social unrest, instead allowing it to spill over to become a global problem.
It ignores the carrying capacity of recipient countries and any performance assessment of social receptiveness by recipient nations, of refugee social/economic adjustment, of maintenance of social cohesion, of cultural assimilation.

Like most Departments of Immigration, the Refugee Convention is an idealistic protocol that conveniently ends at Customs, without pragmatic long term settlement solutions and imposed undemocratically on society's that are expected to adapt to foreigners , not respectfully the other way around.

The Refugee Convention is big brother and right out of George Orwell's 1984.
By making wealthy nations guilt ridden, risks repeating the reaction of the Treaty of Versailles.

Tolerance in our time. Any wonder extreme right groups are re-emerging. Such open door immigration is fueling their membership of disaffected, unemployed locals.

The Refugee Convention is simplistic utopian Left Wing extremism. Like all extremism, it is fanatical and incites political polarisation and eventually a pendulous swing to the extreme opposite.
Conservatives wake!

Most people these days won't know of the famous last words of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in September 1938, but some learning of history would help us not repeat its failings.

Chamberlain said unto to the people of Britain outside 10 Downing Street:

"My good friends this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace in our time."
A year later Britain and Germany started World War II.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885


According to the Green Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, we should abandon off-shore processing and only process those who arrive here. It is more popular and cheaper. This won't work. It will make more people "jump the queue" and risk lives to come here. It won't be cheaper either as more will come. The "welcome mat" has just got bigger, and they need housing and social welfare for a long time.
Already it takes years for the vulnerable in Australia to get public housing. The waiting lists will be even longer. We need to slash our economic immigration numbers that is prohibiting more refugees being accommodated, and withdraw from the UN's dominance and make our own policies.
We should only process off-shore entrants only and stop the people smugglers and the opportunists.
The UN Refugee Convention is a relic after WW2 when many people were displaced from Europe. Now, the problems are on-going and escalating.
Those arriving by plane should be assessed off-shore too.
Our shores are part of our sovereignty, something the Greens seem to overlook.

Sarah Hanson-Young is a naive open border extremist.
She emphatically wants no limit on refugees or asylum seekers.
Ex Amnesty International, she would have Australia become the recipient for the world's Third World, while in denial over Australia's 'carrying capacity' and having some warped notion of 'sustainable' immigration.

They should rename Ashmore Reef as Hanson-Young Reef.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

The 100th boat to arrive under Ms Gillard's prime ministership showed Labor had lost its way on the asylum seeker issue. The 72 passengers were transferred to Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial checks. Immigration officials have confirmed 14 unaccompanied children and 54 single men were on board the latest asylum seeker boat to arrive on Christmas Island.

The cost of sending people to Nauru would be $980 million over four years with more money needed for infrastructure.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has released financial estimates that revealed it would cost just under $1 billion to process asylum seekers on Nauru over the next four years.

This is taxpayers' money at a time of increasing homelessness in Australia.

Legislation would be drawn up to allow the government to send asylum seekers to any destination named by the Minister for Immigration, including Malaysia.

Nauru and Manus Island together cost $289 million over six months.

The Opposition Leader again called for Ms Gillard to continue offshore processing and to use the facilities on Nauru. The Greens are against all off-shore processing.

According to Homelessness Australia, 105,000 Australians are homeless on any given night. Latest figures show 14,370 homeless or at-risk people were waiting for public housing across the north west metro region of Melbourne in June. Figures released show that in Geelong the public housing waiting list is 2194, while the State's waiting list grew by 2.2 per cent in the three months to June to 38,244.

Violence against homeless people is not unusual and most of the time goes unreported to authorities. The reason we have so many homeless people now is because even average working person can't afford to rent place by themselves. The Government has failed greatly to provide more public housing.

While our government spends massive amounts of public money and effort to avoid the diplomatic fall-out of rejecting the UN Refugee Convention, more people in Australia are becoming "refugees" in their own country.

Australia First Party

Handy Guide On How To Resist
The Official Policy On Fake Refugees:
The Community Strike!

It is possible to take passive resistance against the refugee policy of the government. You can do it as an individual as much as a member of any organized group. You are not alone and you stand undefeated. You have pride in your identity and you wish to stand up for the future of Australians – our youth, working men and women, senior citizens, the unemployed and homeless.
Your cause is moral and correct.
Australia First Party proposes to you the model of a Community Strike - which means organized passive grassroots resistance:
Your aim must be to make the support networks put in place to push the refugee program, increasingly unmanageable, expensive and mis-focused, while at the same time serving your Australian Community and the ordinary Australian.
So: there are things NOT TO DO, and things TO DO.

Rules Of Engagement: Negatives

1. No Australian should collaborate in any way with any government agency or private organisation which operates refugee services. That means: answer no question, give no information render no assistance of any description.
2. No Australian should accept any employment arising from the intrusion. Sometimes jobs are offered by different outsourced companies or by agencies: reject the offers! Sometimes contracts are advertised. refuse to tender. Blacklist to your friends anyone who breaks the rule.
3. No Australian should let a school-child participate in any refugee-awareness program. Schools now have officially sanctioned propaganda sessions which you can object to. If your school operates any regular so-called education programs, withdraw your services from all school activities. Subtly persuade your friends to do likewise.
4. No Australian should attend at any church or community group that supports the refugee invasion. This means refusing to donate to any charity or program operated by your church or community group You should make your feelings known. In the case of the churches, you should approach members of your congregation to cause difficulties for the misguided faction in whatever way you judge proper.
5. No Australian should communicate with any so-called refugee save in the most extreme of circumstances.
6. No Australian should buy from any company or person who supports the refugee intrusion.
7. No Australian should associate with any Australian or other person who violates these rules.

Rules Of Engagement: Positives

1. All Australians should show direct charity and support to any Australian truly in need of assistance or care.
2. All Australians should take and destroy all pro refugee propaganda distributed by your union, community group, church, university etc.

3. All Australians should work to preserve or establish our own community networks and groups such as your family and community groups that underlie your heritage as Australians – your ANZAC commemorations, your local historical societies, clubs and sporting groups. You are no ‘boat person’, but a native of the soil and you must teach that to each other and to your children.

4. All Australians should collect information which exposes any aspect of the refugee program and turn it over to your favoured organisation for political use.

5. All Australians should counsel other Australians as to the real significance of the refugee program – that is part of the cultural and ethnic dispossession of Australians and also, the actual physical deprivation of our People through misspending on refugees.

6. All Australians should take whatever opportunities there are to create dissent: talkback radio, voting out incumbent politicians, talking to fellow Australians, organizing your own letter-writing group (for newspapers), making vexatious complaints. You should advise young people to read the Internet book, The Camp Of The Saints by Jean Raspail, [http://www.], which explains the psychosis that underlies support for refugee admissions.
7. All Australians who can should display National Flags or Southern Cross Flags – houses, clothing, cars etc.


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