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Howard's Economic Hallucinations

The Coalition government commits to rationalise and simplify more than 4,000 industrial awards. PM Howard assures us: "Any process like that will be done in a fairly careful and sympathetic way, and people will not be in any way adversely affected by it." [AFR, 19 November] Continuing to improve WorkChoices.

Let's not forget: "Under a Howard Government you cannot be worse off, but you can be better off. I give this rock solid guarantee our policy will not cause a cut in the take home pay of Australian workers." [PM Howard, 7 July 2005, ABC] Numerous studies have demonstrated clearly the opposite is true.

Moreover, Finance Minister and Treasurer-and-PM-wannabe Costello have both made campaign promises "no more change will be made to WorkChoices." Or, perhaps, Liberals believe that massive changes to awards has nothing to do with WorkChoices?

Does Howard really expect us to embrace his latest campaign promise (core? non-core?), when his Ministers are on public record promising the opposite? When Howard is a "lame duck," with no clear exit date? When he demonstrated little "care" or "sympathy" in the original WorkChoices legislation - the laws themselves and the way they were rammed through Parliament?

Who does PM Howard and the Liberal party think they are fooling?

Judy Bamberger,
O'Connor ACT

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