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James Fitzgerald's joeys are missing! the "harvesters" have killed them

Raising orphaned joeys is a job that requires dedication, time, money, compassion and commitment. It means night and day feeds, special formulas, quietness to avoid stress, warmth and special bonding. All this can simply be wiped out by the released animals being "managed" by the NSW government!

NSW land-owner and wildlife carer of orphaned kangaroo joeys James Fitzgerald, had the horror and injustice of two of his hand raised joeys, rescued in 2008 and released in 2009, go missing since the kangaroo "harvester" came to his adjacent property.

According to Nicole Payne, Manager of the Kangaroo Management Plan, Environment Protection and Regulation Office of Environment and Heritage in NSW, for occupiers of a commercial kangaroos "harvesters" licences, there is no requirement that they consult the occupiers of land neighbouring where they are to do their legal slaughter. The size, location of the neighbouring properties is noted when the licence is given , but they are not consulted. That means that it is simply unfortunate that wildlife carers lose their released kangaroos to the "harvest" because that is how it is according to the National Parks and Wildlife Act, and the NSW Commercial Harvest Kangaroo Management Plan. Bad luck!

For landowners who want to live in harmony with Nature, the environment and care for wildlife, there is little compassion, hope or consideration. Bureaucrats in Canberra and in State "environment" departments can simply - with a signature and sanction - wipe out all care and protection devoted individuals give to wildlife suffering from numerous lethal threats.

My letter to Nicole Payne, wildlife "manager", is below.

Dear Ms Nicole Payne
Manager, Kangaroo Management Plan
Environment Protection and Regulation
Office of Environment and Heritage

I am writing to add my concern with that of James Fitzgerald (see attached) who has the horror and injustice of 2 of his hand raised joeys that were rescued in 2008 and released in 2009 but have been missing since the kangaroo "harvester" came. How are his rights to appreciate wildlife, a rural lifestyle, and his life commitment to caring for wildlife being appreciated and protected if kangaroos are "harvested" ( they are not vegetables or fruit) in the adjacent property? Why are the economic rights of these red-neck killers have a higher priority than landowners who want to live in harmony with their environment, and actually nurture and love their animals? This is shameful, that we in Australia treat our native animals, animals that are NOT pests and exist only in Australia, with such contempt?

He has lived on my 780acre property in peace for 7 years but all has changed now! These killers have more rights than valid environmentalists and wildlife protectors?

Kangaroos are part of Australia's natural heritage. They evolved here and are part of our environmental and native grassland management, naturally. They are what needs protecting! According to your official title, this is your role. However, you approval of this bloodshed is actually contradictory - and quite ironical! You need to stop the hypocrisy and start protecting our wildlife, and kangaroo numbers are plummeting, and start protecting our environment from such colonial dark-ages of ignorance.

The Commercial Kangaroo Management Plan is a smoke-screen for making profits from animals that produce "free" meat! It's not "management' but pure and bloody slaughter.

Your title needs to change to that of advocate of wildlife-family killers and baby-joey bludgeoners!

Ms Nicole Payne's email address is:

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Sorry everyone who loves wild life - but in case you didn't know- kangaroos are just "tired clichés" now - according to James Packer and Barry O'Farrell (NSW premier) No, tourists have grown out of all that and want much more it seems-more of what they could probably get at home!
Better tell God because he needs to cease production if kangaroos are no longer needed. The outback is also a cliché so I guess we can get rid of that too- I suppose it could quite happily just sink into the sea.
What is really exciting and what Australia has to sell to tourists, according to these 2 is somethng far more sophisticated-Cabramatta. It's multicultural!! get with it! You'd never see it anywhere else. Can't you just see them flocking to Cabramatta from Singapore and eschewing the kangaroos. They could even buy some really good Chinese food in Cabramatta- as good as that they can buy at home. It would be akin to Australians being able to buy a MacDonald's hamburger where ever they go.
So, .......sorry hand reared joeys you're out of fashion. It has been decreed.
I wonder if Nicole Payne sleeps well at nght.

James Packer is wrong to imagine that "beaches and kangaroos are completely passé", and that tourists should be drawn to our cities instead.

Australia's outback and eastern coastal areas have been largely cleared of our famous and iconic animals such as kangaroos, emus, cassowaries and koalas.

Our mammal extinction rate, according to the WWF, is the highest in the world in the last 220 years since European settlement. Australia's slow-evolving native animals have little chance against the powers of urban sprawl, commercial kangaroo "harvesting", land-clearing and logging regimes. They also have the challenges of Australia's floods, fires and droughts.

There are already major cities in the world more alluring than those in Australia. The real problem is that we are failing to support Australia's natural heritage, rugged beauty and unique potential.

Governments prioritize short-term economic gains over long-term conservation and dubious wildlife "management" practices, pushing us towards being a generic nation.

What would they come to Australia to see? Our Multicultural and "diverse" cities could be seen anywhere else in the world. The concept is self-deflating as it assumes that we in Australia have nothing unique to offer culturally. It's only our wildlife, or biodiversity, our wide open plains, our bushland, our massive coastlines and diversity and richness of ecosystems that makes Australia the jewel of a country that is worth celebrating.

What would you expect from a cage-reared gambling indoors fat boy?

Nice Article, Vivienne. However do you really think nicole pain cares what we think? I spent an hour one day trying to talk to this creature and I came to the conclusion she is a robot, not even a human.

Nothing I said went in. She was in total denial and kept chanting her mantras about everything being 'sustainable, humane, harvest, conservation' blah blah blah. She has no soul.

Writing to her is a total waste of time, in my opinion. She couldn't give a fig about kangaroos, or people's suffering. No way is she going to cancel out the FATE program for us!

Better to write a letter to the editor exposing her for the heartless fraud she is.


"It’s embarrassing for Australia that we eat our own wildlife ....I’m here to tell you it’s just not right. Simply do not buy, use or eat kangaroo products”
~ Steve Irwin