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CIA Agent Ray Davis shooting Pakistanis deserves Pakistani Justice

When will the United States and Israel learn that sending their respective military cloak and dagger agents to criminal missions in foreign countries is not part of liberty and justice.

May US CIA agent Ray Davis receive proper Pakistani justice, according to Pakistani law.
If he is found guilty and summarily executed, so be it a lesson for US spying.

How else is the Pentagon to change its terrorism behaviour?


The United Nations tragic failing is its cultural incapacity to mitigate Civil Wars.
This is exacerbated by the self-serving and extreme unlimited resources of the United States Pentagon.

The Pentagon is the most evil institution on Earth directing the CIA, US Presidents, US Military and manipulating the leadership of sovereign nations to suit its ends.
It is all the jihadies in one pentagonal building.
It has inflicted more war crimes than Nazism and Stalinism

John Marlowe