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Advertising on candobetter

The paragraphs this brief article are also to be found in the Disclaimer section.

As of from 15 September 2010 began to allow some advertising links. We have no intention of allowing any such advertising to affect what we publish. Indeed the reason that we qualify for advertising is that our policy of printing real news and opinion, pitched at a wide variety of reading levels, including highly educated, means that, world wide, we attract a comparatively large and growing readership that doesn't find much satisfaction elsewhere. If we change our open editorial policy of publishing for reform in democracy, environment, population, land use planning and energy policy we will lose our attractiveness for advertising links.

We intend to try to choose advertising links which may actually be useful or of interest to many our readers - such as links to booksellers which they might usually look for anyway on major search engines. Our foremost reason for allowing some advertising was so that the time and skills used in the content management of the site could be counted as part of the owner and administrator's professional experience, since so many years have now been spent maintaining the site and paying (via income earned in other fields) for server space. It is an unfortunate but unavoidable component of Australia's legal system that work done with no potential earnings structure counts for little or nothing on a CV. so that the continued maintenance of a site without any earnings potential actually erodes the owner's career potential.

Specific advertising:

James Sinnamon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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