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Vote SPPA for stable population numbers - NSW Candidates

Ed. This article was retitled on 20 Aug 2010 at 21:58hrs
Download how to vote card here

When Julia Gillard hurtled towards the Governor General on July 17, she knew an early election would keep the Stable Population Party of Australia name off the Senate ballot paper. But it did not stop all of our party candidates from standing.

SPPA - Commit to a stable, sustainable, open and tolerant Australia

With members across Australia - from recent migrants to WW2 Diggers - the Stable Population Party was due to be formally registered by the Australian Electoral Commission on July 24.

Although we fell short of federal registration by just a week, at least our party candidates will be on the Senate ballot paper in NSW. Thanks to the 50 members and supporters who signed our nomination form at short notice, we have successfully formed our group of 'independent' Senate candidates and been allocated column T on the NSW Senate ballot paper.

Our candidates are:

1. William Bourke - Businessman and Stable Population Party convenor
2. Mark O'Connor - Writer and Co-author of Overloading Australia

The party's key objective is a stable population of around 23-26 million through to 2050.

For full details on our objectives, policies and news updates, see our website at

How can you help?

We only have the resources to stand candidates in NSW, however we ask all of our members and supporters nation-wide to help.

We have the huge job of linking this Bourke / O'Connor Senate group in ballot paper column T with the Stable Population Party. To help spread the word across Australia, please:

1. Forward this newsletter email to every contact you have - across Australia.

2. Do a local letterbox drop in NSW (and reply or email us to tell us where you live). Click here for our how-to-vote flyer. Please download, print and deliver locally ASAP.

3. Volunteer to hand out how-to-vote cards at a local polling place in NSW on August 21. Please reply or email us if you can volunteer, with your preferred polling place if known.

4. Join our Stable Population Party facebook page started by Victorian member Vlad. Please join and invite all facebook friends.

5. Become a party 'cyber trooper' and respond to population articles, blogs and forums with comments promoting our party and NSW Senate candidates. E.g. "Vote for a stable population. Stable Population Party's independent Senate Group T: Bourke / O'Connor in NSW".

6. Ring NSW talkback radio and promote us.

7. Keep a collection of how-to-vote flyers with you and give them to friends and work colleagues.

For our members and polling place volunteers, we have also booked a function room for election night from 7pm in central Sydney. Win, lose or draw, we will celebrate the achievements of the stable population movement. Details TBA.

For a stable Australia: Vote 1 for Senate Group T: Bourke / O'Connor (above the line, in NSW).

Finally, if you would like to hear Mark O'Connor, he will be speaking at 'Politics in the Pub' at the Gaelic Club in Sydney this Friday, August 6. We are not organising this event, but it is a donation entry event with seating for up to 300. Please see:

William Bourke
Stable Population Party of Australia
the (only) sustainable choice
Stable Population Party of Australia, Newsletter, 02 Aug 2010

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Despite living in a well established democracy, and that about 80% of the people of Australia do not want more population we are not allowed to vote on this and other vital, impacting, issues. The Federal government consults business experts for the numbers they want, not the voters, the people of Australia. There is a lot of hype about a handful of asylum seekers coming to Australia's shores each year, but there is little threat from them. They are being used as a smoke-screen for the hundreds of thousands new "skilled" immigrants coming to settle here each year. This is not a racism issue, but one that impacts on so many dimensions of our lives. Our local councils and State governments are forced to "manage" the population growth, whether we want it or not! We are forced to pay for infrastructure, and ensure the water supplies, power, roads, hospitals, public transport, food security etc, and at the same time become more "sustainable"! The "shortages" in housing is about too many people! We need to pressure Canberra, with the influence of Independents, to stabilise our numbers and get these decisions, on immigration, out of the hands of those who are benefiting!