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AWAs and non-core promises

The following letter was posted to a number of newspapers by Judy Bamberger of the ACT on 30 September 2007

As of 6 September, merely 10% of AWAs lodged were vetted for fairness (about 12,700 of 123,000). After four months and (supposedly) 600
additional inspectors, there's a backlog of about 110,000 AWAs to vet, with about new 30,000 AWAs submitted monthly. Some assert it
will take 10 months to work-off this backlog.

Pity the poor workers waiting many months to have their AWAs vetted, while continuing to work under unfair conditions!

And the workers with one of the 45,000 AWAs for which "further information" is requested, and not forth-coming ... And their company is one of the 8,000 companies not responding to requests for "further information" ...

Will these workers regain their entitlements, recover lost pay? How will their companies - or the government - compensate them for the
unfair conditions they endured all their months of waiting?

Thousands of companies cannot be so inherently incompetent; IR laws this complicated should be scrapped for something simpler!

"Under a Howard Government you cannot be worse off, but you can be better off. I give this rock solid guarantee our policy will not cause a cut in the take home pay of Australian workers." [PM Howard, 7 July 2005, ABC]

The voters will demonstrate, soon, just how "better off" they are under this Howard Government.

Great system, PM Howard. Must be yet another "non-core promise."

Judy Bamberger,
O'Connor ACT