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Ground level view of Melbourne 2030 in action

Victoria, like the rest of Australia, is becoming a concrete desert, reflecting, producing and absorbing heat. Melbourne 2030 and all population growth and development intensification, intensive or sprawl, is a recipe for cooking our planet. We are turning our environment into a frying pan. Please send to smnaesp|AT| your short observations on what is happening around you as our leaders allow democracy and ammenity to be over-ridden by development for the enrichment of a very few.

Later, as the (helicopter) pilot angled northward, Joey heard her brother gag in revulsion at the sight of the Western Broward County, where new subdivisions were erupting like cankers in all directions: thousands upon thousands of cookie-cutter houses, jammed together so tightly that it looked like like you could jump from roof to roof for miles on end. Where there were no homes stood office parks, shopping plazas and enormous auto malls--acres and acres of Toyotas and Chryslers, cooking in the sun. Only a slender dirt levee separated the clamorous tide of humanity from the Everglades.

From "Skinny Dip" (2004) p337 by Carl Hiaasen

Observations on the destruction of Melbourne and democracy made by Jill on Saturday 29 September at 8:22 AM

This what I have noted in the past few days:

  • One brick Edwardian House on generous but not huge block round the corner from me demolished along with all garden which included tall cypress trees. 3 two storey town houses, minimal garden to be built.
  • One demolition in the next street- all garden gone, Expecting high density replacement amidst normal sized houses.
  • Another house and garden demolished within walking distance of my house in Wattletree Rd. What look to be 3 storey apartments taking their place.
  • Was in Camberwell last night. Modest Californian bungalow demolished and humungous Neo Georgian edifice with 5 bathrooms replacing it . All garden areas will be concreted except for the swimming pool which will be tiled.

    At Burke Rd end of same street on the corner - Normal sized house demolished replaced by deep excavation I believe to accommodate 7 cars. Concrete retaining wall being constructed on the boundary at present at least 3 metres high but going higher. The neighbour on the side with retaining wall sold up before this happened but in anticipation of it.

    That's what I saw yesterday, and I wasn't even looking for it.

    Nothing is being considered in this terrible process except the accommodation and totally introspective comfort of more and more people.


Sheila Newman, population sociologist

Comment received from anon by Sheila on 4-1-07

"There is a conspiracy but it is dressed up very seductively in the form of what is now the symbol for materialism the "plasma screen".

Brumby is talking about immigration now on the radio and what a wonderful thing it all is for Victoria. We are having it stuffed down our throats now, not just surreptitiously happening in the background whilst statistics are misused, misinterpreted or misquoted. No, this is force feeding. They mean business."

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Same thing happening in my suburb (Bentleigh) like many others - seems to be a house demolished every week. One of those enormous 2-storeyed duplex houses is going up near my parents' home, and an ugly monstrosity it is (I could provide a photo). The modest and pleasant older suburban homes with their gardens are gradually disappearing; the new houses reflect the greed, selfishness and extravagance of current times. They loom over the streets menacingly; they make me feel claustrophobic and hemmed-in. They block the view of the sky.

Bentleigh used to be a nice place to live, but it is becoming unbearable (I don't have an option to move, and it's the same everywhere).

What's happened to the "Save our Suburbs" protest movement - has it died out, and does no one care anymore?

Our household has been affected by bad town planning decisions. Yarra City Council is hiding behind Melbourne 2030 to justify it poor planning decisions. Overcrowding, noise, lack of parking controls, undesirable neighbors urinating from three storey balconies right in front of our eyes are just a few issues we have to thank our Yarra City town planners for.

During a recent IDAC meeting for a planning application for former Yarra City Councilor Paul D'Agostino (Labor) the committee unanimously carried the motion to approve a permit for a four storey apartment block in a tiny North Fitzroy backstreet 18m wide. There is nothing new about apartment blocks in the North Fitzroy street that the application was proposed for. However a large group of objectors did want Yarra City Council to apply some restrictions to the permit, namely to reduce the number of levels from four to three, which prior to this application, was the maximum number of floor levels permitted in this compact street. The objectors also wanted the committee to address issues of potential parking stress which was considered and issue by the objectors. Needless to say, Steve Jolly (Stephen Jolly) was first to move that Paul D'Agostino's building permit be approved. The other Yarra councillors followed.

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