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Stop developer Bob Ells from taking major koala habitat (NSW)



One rulebook for developer Bob Ells, of King’s Forest/Cobaki Lakes, and one rulebook for everyone else.

Is this right? Are we going to stand for it? What do you think?

4500 lots each Kings Forest and Cobaki Lakes (9000 total) What about the infrastructure, water etc. for such huge developments?

Block sizes from 120m (Normal minimum 450m)

Developer creates own rules for house types, roads, sewerage, etc.


Send submission to:

Dept of Planning, PO Box 39 , Sydney 2001

Fax: 02 9228 6540



Dear Dept Planning

I strongly object to Leda Development being able to create their own rules for house types, roads, sewage etc. What on earth is going on here? Who is governing this country, developers or politicians? Who is this government serving, the people or the developers?

Why is Leda trying to minimise block sizes from 450m minimum to 120m? This is absurd not only for the environment but also the people who will be crammed together like sardines, 4500 lots with a minimum of 9000 people. Surely this will create a lot of crime in the area?

Leda will not be paying for infrastructure, water, rubbish removal, Tweed Shire council and local ratepayers will and we don't even want another 10,000 people here! We can hardly cope with the traffic and water demands we have now.

What I am most concerned about however, is the wildlife. Round Mountain was the #1 koala colony in Tweed shire and tragically it was totally burned out in a major bushfire a month or so ago. That leaves Kings Forest as the new #1 koala colony and you are allowing a major housing development on it?

What hope do the koalas have? Koalas stop breeding when stressed and many things cause stress - even simple things like having their favourite tree chopped down, or the loss of family members to say nothing of dogs (which will be permitted at Kings Forest), 6 lane freeways (with no overpasses, underpasses or exclusion fences), invasion of habitat. Their main habitat will become the new golf course which of course will be regularly sprayed with neurotoxic organophosphates which also will cause cancer and reproductive problems.

In addition to the threat to diminishing numbers of koalas, there a total of 450 species of native animals on Kings Forest , 33 of which are endangered. Why isn't the government doing something proactive to protect our wildlife? Are you not aware of the fact that Australia has the highest rate of species extinctions on the planet? Wildlife is under the radar of any government department and I would like to know WHY.

By the time people wake up to the horrific loss of biodiversity it will be too late. Humans cannot survive without biodiversity. The best protection is for the government to reclaim land like Kings Forest and leave it for the native animals. Why does money win out every time? What about your children's future? Are you even thinking of what a diminished future they will have with no koalas in Tweed ?

Tweed is home to more biodiversity than even Kakadu yet 2/3rds of these species are at risk of extinction.

Please do something NOW! Stop Kings Forest from going ahead with this madness. Bob Ell is acting like a Frankenstein monster with dollar signs popping out of his eyes and hell bent on destroying our wildlife.


Menkit Prince

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Dear Planning Department,

It has come to my attention that Leda Development has been given the go-ahead to wipe out the habitat of an important (and one of the precious few remaining) Koala colony at Kings Forest and Cobaki Lakes.

It is deeply concerning to myself and many people that I know that our way of life and national treasures of our own and future generations should be set aside for commercial gain. What about quality of life for *all* Australians? Shouldn't we revere our unique and beautiful wildlife and allow future generations to enjoy these Australian Native animals? Surely the planning department is full of bright minds who could find ways that we can enjoy a great lifestyle while preserving our precious wildlife. Shouldn't we focus upon wildlife corridors and protected areas so that we can all enjoy seeing Koalas for many years to come?

Please do not allow this atrocity against Australian Life to go ahead. Stop Leda Development from stealing this Australian treasure (Koalas) from us and our children. Why not apply your resources and talented people to be a shining example to other states and departments that you can take up the challenge of balancing human lifestyle with wildlife preservation - and show the true Heart of Australia.

Don't sacrifice our battling Koalas for short term commercial gain.

Make Australia Proud. Be a Leader and kick out Leda.

Your Sincerely,

Tanwyn Eacott

Editorial comment: Thanks, Tanwyn. Please let us know how they respond. - JS

Subject was: My letter to Planning Dept. - JS

Where is our wildlife suppose to live if developers continue to pave over their lounge rooms?

With the koalas' survival in question by every rational naturalist/ecologist, why is the koala still losing to developers?

Australia's iconic koala never recovered from the long-term commercial slaughter during the last century. The koala slaughter ended after the blood bath of 'Black August' in 1927;

That was over 80 years ago and they never recovered.

And the government today is still using them up for money.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it.

36 researchers from Queensland universities, government departments and industry groups have formed the Koala Research Network to share information and lobby for better protection of the animals. A website has been launched which maps koala sightings across Queensland. It has been set up by two Sunshine Coast residents.

It means anyone sighting a koala – whether alive, injured or dead – can register its location to the exact tree, field or road where the animal was located in three easy internet steps.

Among the fans was Bob Irwin, who was the founding force, alongside his son Steve, for Australia Zoo. “It really is the answer to doing something to save endangered species,” Mr Irwin said after a demonstration of the website.
Ms Beaton, who launched the site, said 2010 would be crunch time for koalas in the state after losing about 25,000 of the animals in 10 years.

It is heartwarming that while the public are involved with wildlife protection, our most profile State politicians are quite blaze and are happy for tokenism as a public placebo rather than do the real thing - protect koalas by declaring them ENDANGERED - by the real threat of developer-driven population growth!

Beautiful website - thanks for that!

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