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Victorian Elections: A Midsummer Night's Meeting with MPs about what's going on

An opportunity to meet MPs - especially from the South and Eastern areas of Melbourne, with the coming election in mind

Kew Public Meeting Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Kew Cottages Coalition Inc presents "Kew Cottages and the State Election"in A Midsummer Night's public meeting"
Rod Quantock, MC


Andrew McIntosh MP for Kew John Lenders, ALP MLA Southern Metro Jennifer Huppert, ALP MLA Southern Metro
Andrea Coote MLA Southern MetroDavid DavisSue Pennicuik, Greens MLA Southern Metro

All Local Members of State Parliament have been invited inc:
Andrew McIntosh (Liberal) , John Lenders (ALP), Jennifer Huppert (ALP)
Andrea Coote (Liberal), David Davis (Liberal, Chair. Public Land Inquiry) , Sue Pennicuik (Greens)

The next instalment in one of Melbourne's most contentious Major Projects.


How has the State of Victoria managed to loose $17 million building and selling 55 houses in Kew ?
What will each of our local MP's do about protecting all of the remaining Kew Cottages Public Land if re-elected ?
Do our MP's support the Kew Coalition's Alternative Plan ?
How can the community help ?


7pm Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Phyllis Hore Room
Kew Civic Centre
Cnr Cotham Road and Civic Drive

Melways Map 45 D6


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Wednesday 10 February, from 5.30pm ­ 7.00pm at the Freehills offices, Level 42, 101 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria.

There is a second chance to attend this Seminar on the Planning Act Review. Although it is really bad the Victorian Government is trying to convince us that it isn't. The name of the seminar is "Modernising Victoria's Planning System".
Yes, ridiculous gloss on the brutal bulldozing and carbon-intensive process of making money out of immigrants and allowing commercial organisations to administer our laws. However, learning about this organised implement of tyranny in this way is relatively painless and useful.

Contact leanne.cahill[AT] Phone +61 3 9288 1321

"Modernising Victoria’s Planning System. Out with the old and in with the new? An update and discussion on proposed reforms to Victoria’s planning system

Freehills and the Planning Institute of Australia would like to invite you to a free seminar and panel discussion on the proposed reforms to Victoria’s planning system contained in the Planning and Environment Amendment (General) Bill 2009, which was recently released for public comment. Among the proposals are:

a new procedure for the assessment and approval of ‘state significant developments’, which may include renewable energy, port, tourism and other major capital expenditure projects
changes to the planning scheme amendment process which (among other things) will allow private entities to be authorised to prepare amendments
code-assessable permit applications, and
a host of other changes, including the arrangements for section 173 agreements."

The demographers - those jumped up little mathematicians with no idea of what those numbers actually mean - talk of population increase as if it were an inevitability, instead of the immediate result of state and federal government policy.

Better than the 'professionals' were the comments on the program. There were more than 320. Most were sensible and totally against population growth.

Will the ABC stop the propaganda and report on what the people need and want instead of acting for the real-estate development mob in the next few days?

I'm not holding my breath. Keep on reporting the truth, Candobetter! Maybe you can replace the ABC.

At least Dick Smith was allowed to say how wrong the Sydney person who wanted lots more people was. Smith has been against a big population for years, although you don't hear it much - probably because the press have screened such views out to date.

Personally I am heartily sick of the so-called experts they trot out. Most of the public seem to be against this profligate expansion that is driving the country to the wall and uglifying and crueling all our natural places and creatures. Democracy is the expert - not a bunch of used-car salesmen type demographers and greedy developers.

The real dependency ratio in this country is the one where the rest of us have to carry the developers and their hangers-on by working ever increasing hours to pay for less land and housing space, less freedom, less nature, less water, less democracy.

The developers and the housing industry and the demographers and their friends in government should go out and get real jobs or stay home and grow their own food instead of battening on to the rest of us like tics on a dog.

I find it outrageous that the ABC gives someone like Harry Triguboff any time at all. I think he got about twice the amount of airspace that Bob Birrell did. Harry is not any sort of expert whilst Bob Birrell undeniably is. Harry's utterances on population are short sighted and self interested. It is as though someone who makes money out of population growth is treated as a community leader. While he makes money, for most of us, life is getting more difficult and less pleasant. Winner take all. Harry is no leader. He is an exploiter. He is a bad example. Why does the ABC promote him?

Someone has commented elsewhere that Harry Triguboff isn't a good promotion vehicle for extreme growthist views. He just didn't make them look good. In fact growth is a pretty ugly concept in a land running out of water and with a constantly rising cost of land for housing, no matter how much you try to market it. It can only be disguised as inevitable and, once you rip off that disguise, the naked emperor of growth just looks like what it is, a cruel and lonely monster.

I hope you are right but I think people listen to people like Harry- they think that his good fortune will also be theirs. Especially if they identify with the wealthy.

The media are touting the 35 million by 2050 as if it were a fact, a foregone conclusion, an unavoidable consequence of our existing population, something that is inevitable! They fail to mention, on the program or in the media, that it is orchestrated by our government's immigration program and is not "natural"! Even our so-called "natural" growth is a least 60% due to immigration. With all the arguments and consequences CONTRARY to our land and natural resources being able to cope with these numbers, why are we still on the road to eco-cide ? We are being softened up to the 35 million figure, but the reality is that unless we curb our growth numbers, we will have at least 50 million people by then. Our high-density future is not suitable for families, and children will suffer more as they depend on technology for entertainment and education instead of exploring and playing in their backyards.
Those who benefit from this malignant growth, our governments and the growth industries they have an unhealthy relationship with, are those making the decision towards our "inevitable" numbers. We need to break this pact and force population growth as an election issue.

Resistance is futile so don't try to argue logically Vivienne, we are not interested.

Billionaire property developer Harry Triguboff believes Australia's population will soar to 55 million by 2050, but hopes it will reach 100 million. Obviously he will not be responsible for the mess, and will be living comfortably and with privileges on one his secluded palatial properties while the rest of us grovel for mortgages for the last apartments in outer city sprawl!

Mr Triguboff believes that the figure of 35 million by 2050 is too conservative. "I don't think there will be 35 million but about 55 million," he said on The 7.30 Report. Most people do not understand exponential growth at a rate of 2.1 % growth. However his arithmetic is correct! The (inevitable?) 35 million by 2050 is being touted to soften us up!

Any concerns are just brushed aside:

"Our agriculture has to be huge. Our desalination must be fantastic. Our rivers must flow the right way. It will all have to be developed." Yeah, he and he and his cronies will be those benefiting and will give support to our major political parties. Who will pay the cost for all this infrastructure and increasing costs as each person has less share of natural resources? Us of course. This man and others like him are simply parasites and social psychopaths!