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The Official Meatrix

Click here to see an excellent film interview with Christopher Cook, who wrote, Diet for a Dead Planet about the industrialised world's grossly inefficient industrialised food processing and distribution system (notably the US branch.) A quite rivetting book that goes into the destruction of small farms and the evolution of today's system, with full documentation.

The film-link below takes you to the same film (The Official Meatrix) as the link in the teaser to this article.


The interview with Christopher Cook is excellent -- pity it's just a talking head although an opportunity to listen whilst doing something else.

The Meatrix cartoon is is a compact and great reminder of the evil of factory farming which appears to be on the rise. Scary when you think that as it takes over and annihilates more human scale enterprises we all become increasingly dependent on it. Eating meat is optional and eating dairy is optional but to omit both from one's diet is not for everyone-only a minority can stick to veganism Humans are omnivores.
We need to take back control from these monsters and then decide how we are going to eat .