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"No apology"! Rudd should apologise and more ...

"No apology"!

Is this "Newspeak" for a decision the Australian PM feels uncomfortable about?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he makes "no apology" for believing in a "big Australia". he also said " I make absolutely no apology whatsoever for taking a hard line on illegal immigration to Australia."

But Mr Rudd should apologise !

Rudd is socially-engineering Australia's population growth

He presides over a massive rate of population growth which his government has engineered. He should apologise to the present population and also to the future population that will be so much worse off than we are now as the Australian environment inevitably declines . Australia's environment right now suffers from population overload. It's the number of us and the way we live, the way waterways are interfered with for human activities, the way natural habitat is taken over for human habitation, the impact on our environment of human wastes both domestic and industrial, mining extraction and agricultural..... the sheer scale of our activities !

Optimism without foundation may doom Australians

Rudd's optimism reported by the ABC at the growing population seems to be founded on no real data. It appears as rhetoric, no more than a declared belief. The serious concerns of continuing population growth expressed by Treasury Secretary Dr. Ken Henry - water availability , biodiversity welfare of wildlife are waved away by Rudd as mere "challenges" (in "Newspeak" challenge =problem)

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth with thin fragile soils and relatively little arable land.
Australia's environmental indicators- climate,waterways,land and biodiversity indicate stress right now from increasing human impacts.

.......but Rudd has set his reckless course and will not be diverted.

He makes no apology.

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I agree with quarkasylum's article above.

The less than 1% of total immigrants to Australia from the desperate refugees fleeing persecution from Sri Lanka pales in terms of the real immigration pressures impacting at airports at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Sydney's international arrivals terminal has become the start and driver of most social and public infrastructure pressures imposed on Australia. Yet Rudd blissfully ignores this direct immigration pressure on society and in his high minded state, self-justifies population increase as performing some out of touch noble international missionary duty.

Any criticism is branded with propagandic racism slur.
It is blantant exploitation of a politician's pet project fettih once handed too much power. Rudd is guilty.

Currently the most moral international duty for Australia should be to stand up for the oppressed minorities in our region (not the US instigated mess of Iraq and Afghanistan) but Australia's immediate dependent neighbours of East Timor, West Papuans, Soloman Islanders, indigenous Fijians, indigenous Vanuatans and the persecuted Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Where is the Rudd government's public criticism of the Sinhalese Sri Lankan genocide of its ethic Tamils?

The Rudd government's undisclosed accelerating record of legal immigration through our key international airport hubs has no electoral mandate - but yet our naive media feed on the oppressed and desperate 1% and are almost incitng racism in their fettish for scandal.

Rudd accepted government with no mandate to promise to immigrant lobby groups to ramp up immigration when he got to power. Remember Maxine McKew displaced Howard in his own electorate back in the 2007 federal election largely because she appealed to the Chinese vote of that electorate.
Perhaps a 4 Corners investigation is warranted into Labor deals done to rid PM Howard of a long held safe Liberal seat?

The Australian federal government website has no information on the Rudd Government's immigration policy. Seems Rudd's Mein Kamf has being withheld - another ambitious politician who once tastes power is too tempted to live out personal pet programmes like the kings of old who could order wishes at whim.

The logical conclusion with this state of affairs is that Rudd is using and abusing his grasp of power and influence to pursue his personal pet desire to massively increase Australia's population with overseas immigrants.

Problem is that he hasn't presented a policy and allowed for public discussion and approval. His government has let the resultant presures of hsi mass influx burden and stress Australia's major capital cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with flow on effects on the smaller major cities. Darwin and Tasmania have ever before experiences such pressures on rent and housing affordability. This is a litmus test showing that Australia isn’t coping with Rudd's undisclosed personal fettish to maximise immigration.

Rudd's pompous fluff about making "no apology" for illegal immigration is a bit rich. Illegals make up less that 1% of immigration, so Rudd' tough stance is on the periphery. Clearly this is to distract from his real fettish - maximising legal immigration.

Rudd is the key driver of the demise of Australia's way of life as we had it before these mass population pressures. Housing is in short supply, transport infrastructure is inadequate, hospitals can't cope - all public infrastructure in Victora, NSW and Queensland are not coping with the federal population explosion policy. But these three Labor state governments remain compliant, complicit and silent about the demand side of the public service and infrastructure problem as if Rudd has them by the short and curlies.

Rees, Brumby and Bligh lack leadership to stand up to Rudd for the economic, social and environmental degradation he inflicting on their constituents

Rudd seems to have a Chinese embracing vision for Australia. But his already mass immigration legacy will burden and culturally change Australia for generations. Question is has Rudd's pet projects been thought through and put to demographic experts or does Rudd consider himself judge, jury and executioner in the same vane as Henry VIII? Rudd's electoral promises, his 2020 Summit promises and his sorry statement to Aborigines have now proven hollow rhetoric. Rudd is capitalising on the lack of alternative political leadership in Australia on the other sideof the chamber.

Rudd's political winfall of power has gone to his head. Rudd has become dangerous for Australia to the extent that his pet projects will blind him to real on ground issues. But on ground pressures are only going to get a whole lot worse, yet no-one in Australian politics seems able to come within a bull's roar of seriously challenging Rudd's arrogance for his pet projects.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd last week defended his belief in a "big Australia" - ''I think it's good for us, it's good for national security long term, it's good in terms of what we can sustain as a nation".
At our present rate of population growth, we will have closer to 50 million by 2050, not 35 million!

Further cramming more people into our already congested cities, and further demands on our already natural resources, is not "good for us" or for the "working families" we often hear concern for. The only thing "good" about an overpopulated Australia will be for the benefit of Kevin Rudd and his elite business supporters!

As for national security, more people means more cannon fodder for defense like the Bush regime lured Latinos to USA with promises of financial security and citizenship.

What "sustains" our nation is our biodiversity and the web of life, Australia's ecological systems. Already we have lack of water, pollution, overfishing, loss of indigenous species, ruin of Ramsar wetlands , threats to the Great Barrier Reef, and a massive oil spill in the Timor Sea etc. The demands for jobs and economic benefits will eat away and pollute existing natural life-supporting features and Australia will be a hot and sterile dust bowl.

This megalomaniac wants to be a ruler over a "big" nation - and its all about a little man with ego needs! This seemingly mind-mannered, bookish, spiritual man has some serious personality/self-esteem issues and if he needs a "big"nation he should see a psychiatrist!

If one was to analyse the on ground impacts to Australia since Rudd came to power, and ignore the puffery like the 2020 talkfest or public Sorry statement, Rudd's personal secret agenda for Australia is disturbing and irreversibly changing Australia's social make up and undermining our core values. The Rudd Record to date is:

* Record immigration
* Record overseas flights playing foreign minister and Obama patsy
* No action on climate change or environment
* Massive spending on carbon accelerating militarisation
* No action improving indigenous rights, self-determination and health - instead of saying sorry, Rudd should have been frank with his intent and said 'stuff ya'
* No action on long term infrastructure investment
* Billions on bailing out greedy banks and dodgy investments
* No action on anything from Rudd's 2020 summit circus

Rudd's undisclosed personal agenda is driving federal Labor without question because they are turning a blind eye based on Rudd's electoral mandate and popular polling. Rudd is pursuing a personal mission of power abuse to hget his way. Rudd has outstepped his democratic mandate. Local and state governments are reeling and yet to intimidated to challenge Rudd.

Rudd has become Australia's greatest sovereignty threat equivalent to the historically proven misguided level of Britain's Neville Chamberlain. As Chamberlain naively pronounced to the British people on 30 September 1938 from his false reading of the Munich Agreement:

"My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time... Go home and get a nice quiet sleep."

Copenhagen for Rudd looks set to become the Australian electorate's awakening of Rudd's concept of 'peace for our time'.

Please take a moment to read this as we must not let Rudd change this law about stunning the poor animals before they are slaughtered! They give up their lives so you can eat them and, with the Christmas season fast approaching, there is more slaughter of all animals - especially pigs, turkeys and chickens ... so please write to the websites below and also to Rudd and make your opinion count!

For the animals, please...

Please see article below regarding the non-stun slaughter of animals in Australia. Feel free to make a comment at the Farm Weekly website as below

or (or both)

Editor: See also: Very significant gains made against live sheep-trade cruelty in Middle East

Boy, Rudd sure is a dud - in every respect. And a cruel and despotic one as well. It's like he is looking for opportunities to make himself mean and small, whilst always talking 'Big!'

Immigration up - house prices up - interest rates up
It follows ...

House price surge lifts rate rise odds at,25197,26293557-601,00.html

James Glynn | November 02, 2009 The Australian
Article from: Dow Jones Newswires
AUSTRALIAN house prices surged to record highs in the third quarter, likely stoking the case for interest rates to be raised sharply over coming months.

Rudd's role as international diplomat has been inculcated over years before he became PM from his diplomatic roles in Stockholm, Beijing and Taipei, then as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. Now as PM, Rudd, comfortable in this arena has left Foreign Minister Smith to the lesser tasks and has self-elevated himself from diplomat to international statesman. Rudd enjoys mixing it with the big players and must surely feel in his element.

But the statesman thing has him punching above his weight, which may sound patriotic, except that desire seems to have morphed into an envy of the big players. Why can't Australia become one of the big players too he feels? But how? Rudd's rationale seems to have played out in a form of catch up strategy by building a big population and by big spending.

It is as if Rudd at one of his formative diplomatic functions was on occasion unfairly criticised by a big bully player making condescending remarks about Australia not being a significant player on the world stage. Rudd like most Aussies would be rightly offended. But this may have impressed upon Rudd an inferiority complex.

Now that Rudd has usurped power and position, personal complexes can be played out. But played out as national policy by mere privilage of position is undemocratic. Rudd may desire bigness but why force feed Australia into bigness? It is as if Rudd has a Napoleon complex in national representative terms.

Bigger is not better. It drives complexities and problems that Rudd hasn't even started fixing out of his 2020 Summit, let alone fueling the problem further with flood gate immigration. Look at the burden Obama is faced with! Why invite bigger problems?

Yes, small IS beautiful indeed!

Rudd does a lot of reading. He would be well advised to read British economist E. F. Schumacher's book 'Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered' and consider the merits and application of the 'appropriate technologies' (AT) that require fewer resources, causes less impact on the environment and factors in consideration of the environmental, ethical, cultural, social and economical aspects of the community.

Rudd could learn from political scientist, Leopold Kohr [1909-94]:
"... there seems to be only one cause behind all forms of social misery: bigness. Oversimplified as this may seem, we shall find the idea more easily acceptable if we consider that bigness, or oversize, is really much more than just a social problem. It appears to be the one and only problem permeating all creation. Whenever something is wrong, something is too big." [The Breakdown of Nations, 1957]

I think what you say about Rudd's Napoleon complex is a little disrespectful to Napoleon, Tigerquoll. If Napoleon hadn't had every dynasty in Europe against him in the anti-revolutionary coalitions that gave rise to the Vienna treaties (which subsequently shaped our distorted world) he wouldn't have gone to all those wars. Napoleon was a very smart person who left the French with an extraordinary code that has helped them to preserve democracy. Napoleon may have censored the newspapers and run a country obsessed with economic growth for a while, but France was under attack. The monarchy came back twice as it was and did even worse censorship AND brought back religion and it was not until 1846, some time after Napoleon died, that the French obtained a lasting republic and freedom from state religions. Of course you don't hear any of this from the anglophone histories because they were written for the dynasties, which took over the religions.

Rudd strikes me as a lot closer to Hitler in his nationalistic policies: there is the obsession with growing the population, with industrial expansion, and he doesn't like innovatory art. Both of them thought that oil would last forever, too, I think. There are differences, of course, Rudd doesn't wear a moustach.

Unless of course you meant Napoleon, the Pig, in Animal Farm. I agree that the resemblances there are quite striking. And not just with Rudd, with the whole Labor Government. And Mr Jones in the pub that the pigs began to fraternise with, that would be the property developer and banking coalitions, where you can no longer tell the difference between the government and big business. And all of them trying to work the people harder and fill Australia with more people than it can comfortable support, just to make money for themselves. All the while telling the animals that they just don't understand and need to be educated - for instance with regional forums about population growth where demographers induce a state of helplessness by telling them all that no-one can stop population growth.

That is not to let the Libs off either. It's just that they don't add insult to injury with the same McDonald's grin, "And would you some fries to go with your burning haystack, sir?"

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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Rudd should have a read of the UK House of Lords select committee report on the economic impacts of large scale immigration. The net benefits are marginal at best & that overcrowding/infrastructure costs can be a major problem.

Not to mention environmental costs, social cohesion problems (see social capital research by Harvard's Robert Putman) and crime.

The report is The ecomnomic impact of Immigration - Voulme I ; Report (pdf, 1.2MB).