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Roos to be massacred for another bloody car rally: Bathurst, New South Wales

National Parks & Wildlife have given two licences to Bathurst Regional Council to shoot 140 kangaroos on Mnt Panorama, home of Bathurst’s car race to be held in 2 weeks.

The Western Advocate said they were advised this was for “public safety” for the race.

The NSW Wildlife Rescue and Education Service, WIRES[1] members have to continually deal with kangaroos at Mount Panorama tangled in fences, hit by cars, dispersing into suburbs etc.

These are the last of the actual town’s kangaroos – the last of thousands of generations that have been pushed into the small pocket of Mnt Panorama and managing to survive.

Out of proportion

140 roos is certainly much more than the 15% allowed in commercial killing zones, and observers who have walked the environs over many years specifically noting the kangaroos in the area, suggest this represents most of the remaining population there. NPWS reportedly refused to answer the question of what percentage it represents.

National Parks and Wildlife have also reportedly refused to answer the following questions, which should also be asked of Bathurst Council:

· How many kangaroos are actually up on the Mount and its “nature reserves” and environs?

· What consideration has been given to the wallaroos and swamp wallabies on the Mount – are they to be shot also?

· What is happening to the young at foot – who are still fed by their mothers?

· What about the young in pouch?

· What consideration is given to the big male roos, who represent the most important genetic lines for the future?

· Has any consideration been given to creating corridors to allow roos to disperse, eg at the back of the Mount?

· Where is the kangaroo management plan that has determined this is to happen after due consideration of all other ecological factors – or is this a knee jerk reaction to terrified kangaroos on the racing track at last year’s Big Race?

Do the race sponsors condone this cruelty?

Questions of the sponsors of the race – SuperCheap Auto; Lawrence & Hanson; XXXX beer; as well as the sponsors of the driving teams

· Would you be proud to publicise that 140 kangaroos were shot as part of the preparation for the Bathurst 1000 race?

Are you prepared to allow this to happen without a whimper?

WIRES spokesperson, Helen Bergen, in Bathurst, said, "Platitudes to do with 'public safety' (the big race) [and even with] with 'sustaining the kangaroo population' [!] do not provide answers to the questions above.

"Is this how we thoughtfully care for our wildlife? This is how wildlife disappears from our landscapes – and we accept it as inevitable, so make no noise as it happens."

What you can do

Bathurst NPWS, Bathurst Regional Council, the media and the race sponsors all need to realise that some people feel extremely distressed about this situation.

Motor Racing Circuit Bathurst (official Bathurst Regional Council website):-
PMB 17 or 158 Russell Street

02-6333 6158


[1] WIRES - NSW Wildlife Rescue and Education Service is the largest wildlife rescue group in the country and has branches across NSW.
The website is

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It is staggering that a bunch of dickheads with a combined IQ lower than the number of cards in a deck, can waste a limited recource for NO good reason, and whilst further polluting the atmosphere, have several hundred of one of our only two national animals blown to bits. Equal parts pathos and bathos at Bathurst.

No real pretence even that this is in the animals' best interests (to die) as authorities sometimes make our when they are going in for the kill.

In this case it is clearly so the kangaroos don't get in the way of a car race.

This is Australia's utter disgrace and should be broadcast all over the world- Make it global -send this article around!

This is so utterly distressing and there were other alternatives. I reallythink this is about MONEY, once again greed.........Kangaroo's avoid people as much as possible.We encroach on the natural habitat all the time maybe some humans should be culled.

Imagine the outcry if a Kangaroo, walked around with a gun killing humans for taking the only places they can live and that is on the land

I hope this goes Worldwide, this is a total disgrace that we can so easily kill our National Icons..I have shed many tears for the plight of our animals......I suppose some will be happy when they are all gone and the generations to come can only wonder what they were like....I'm certainly glad I will not live to see that

My email to the Mayor and Councillors of Bathurst:
I am distressed and disturbed by the "cull" of 140 or more kangaroos for the sake of "safety" during the Bathurst 1000 car race. Surely with all your collective intellect there could be some actual solution rather than just using bullets! These animals are indigenous to Australia and are part of our landscape. Instead of blasting these gentle animals away even though they belong here, surely there could be some more permanent and long term solutions to wildlife on roads? Europe, Canada and USA have done some wonderful work with wildlife crossings - either overpasses or underpasses, and wildlife adapt so readily. We in Australia still have a Colonial attitude that humans are the kings of the land and everything else must get out of the way!
Where is the compassion, and patriotism?
There has been work done by Dr Donald Ramp with artificial dog urine to keep animals off the roads, but a more long term solution is wildlife corridors and wildlife crossings.
NSW had the world rally in a National Park! Now this massacre!
What about some long term non-lethal solutions to road kill, wildlife and human safety?

I am completely over this type of mindset ie; killing wildlife for 'human safety'. It is such major spin. How about we 'sustainably cull' petrolheads for the safety of the community, the environment, the flora and fauna, our reputation in the world and the future of our country? These people are takers, not givers.

This episode of killing has been going on for months and is now finished.

The whole excuse of safety is absolutely ridiculous as it cannot ensure any safety whatsoever -

unless they kill each and every kangaroo, so how in anyway does this help with their perceived safety problem?

140 kangaroos have been killed just to show that something has been done and the box can be

ticked completed - that is all.

Fiona Corke

um, to put it politely I am rather dumbfounded at this nonsense about the poor kangaroos. Do you have ANY idea how many there are?? 150 would be WAY under the 15% you quote as the "allowed" proportion in commercial harvest areas. The estimated population for the Central Tablelands Harvest area is just under ONE MILLION (area of 52,484km2) ( I see no way at all how culling 150 animals in any local area of the Central Tablelands will put the population under threat, local or otherwise. In fact culling is used as a scientifically proven method for managing large kangaroo populations that would otherwise result in too much competition for other less common macropods. I would suggest you go educate yourselves a little on the matter before letting yourselves get too upset and even worse spread emotionally driven falsehoods about the subject that if listened too could result in the detriment of less common macropod species.


here's a head start for anyone that is even bothered:

and your good friend google could find you even more REAL info on this subject

Any teeth and conviction that the National Parks & Wildlife Service in NSW had went with Bob Carr. Since Carr left, the NPWS has been dissolved and buried into a mega Department now including Water. Basically it is too complex for simple Premier Rees to handle and so he has merged it all into one bucket. I am frankly surprised that with his penchant for simplicity he has not created a Department of Other.

As for the Bathurst petrol heads demanding the local population of kangaroos be shot for 'public safety' for their V8 race, since they have no respect for the natives that existed in harmony before colonialisation, perhaps they won't mind more colonialisation with a few thousand Sri Lankan refugees being allocated to Bathurst, like they did with the Sudanese in Tamworth.

Displacement policy will be consistent. Let's recommend the 78 Tamils on the Oceanic Viking be free to settle in Bathurst.

Hell, I would go further. Let's give them the rally car driver jobs.

Actually, kangaroo numbers have plunged by 50-90% since 2001 - and that's by the government's own survey figures.
That is also despite the fact that in NSW, for example, the counts from new commercial culling areas have been added, and despite the "correction factors" where actual numbers seen are multiplied to give "surveyed" numbers. You are right - you actually need to check the data and the survey methodology, and the statistics - and roos are in real trouble.

Actually Brad, you should check the scientific facts about kangaroo population ecology and biology at, and then examine the shonky methodology, the highly compromised industry 'researchers' and the biologically impossible claims by those researchers that go unexamined by government departments and unknown by average Australians who keep telling people to "read the facts", when those "actual facts on the matter" are outrageously impossible.

I'm really pleased to post this link to an article that shows that Bathurst car rally has altered its bad attitude towards kangaroos that caused it to cull 140 poor creatures last year, when we wrote the above article. Congratulations Bathurst Regional Council for changing your mind and showing decency to wildlife.

'Bathurst Regional Council came under fire in 2009 for culling 140 kangaroos in the interest of track safety ahead of that year’s Bathurst 1000, although it was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Now the council has a policy of zero cullings and has turned to other methods of controlling the large kangaroo population on the mountain during race meetings.

That’s good news for the dozens of roos that have been seen on the Mount just weeks out from the Bath-urst 12 Hour from February 24 to 26.

Acting general manager Bob Roach yesterday said council would put in place a number of procedures to ensure the safety of drivers during the 12 Hour, including additional fencing and deploying extra staff to appropriate areas of the track to control the movement of kangaroos away from the circuit.

“These staff stay in place for the duration of the race,” Mr Roach said.

“That’s how we control them now.”'

More at: