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Brown Mountain forest warriors apply for Legal injunction to stop logging

Brave Victorians needed to stand up to Brumby's orcs

A small regional environment group is set for a David and Goliath legal battle against the Brumby Government’s planned logging of the 600 - 800 year old trees at Brown Mountain in East Gippsland.

Environment East Gippsland is applying for an injunction in the Supreme Court of Victoria this afternoon following the government’s announcement of its decision earlier today to log the area.

“The injunction will be extremely costly but someone’s got to do it. We can’t put a price on forests that are seven times older than Federation.” said Jill Redwood, Coordinator of EEG. [Candobetter Ed: Go to EEG Website to donate by PayPal or to send help by mail.]

“With the refusal of this government to protect the ancient forests and its endangered wildlife, it’s time to challenge this bloody-minded boys club in our courts.”

Forest warriors draw line at Brown Mountain

“There’s been open slather woodchipping in East Gippsland for 40 years but Brown Mountain is where we draw the line.”

“Coupled with other recent decisions against our environment, all Victorians can now see what barefaced disregard the Labor government is showing for our natural world.”

“The minister has congratulated the government for protecting the already protected peak at Brown Mountain, while logging the extremely wildlife-rich and ancient forests in its catchment.

Conservation order vital

The injunction relies on the area being critical habitat to a number of threatened species under both State and Federal legislation and requiring a conservation order to protect the area. In addition, the injunction relies on the logging being unlawful.

For comment: Jill Redwood (write to her via candobetter contact)
MEDIA RELEASE, Friday 21st August 2009, "Legal injunction set to stop logging"