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Sign the online petition against Repco Rally Australia

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An online petition has been started following the NSW state government passing 'special events' legislation to enable Repco Rally Australia to go ahead.

Access the petition at

The 'special events' legislation introduced by the government continues a disturbing trend in NSW that disenfranchises local communities and overrides state laws designed to protect the environment and the interests of those same local communities.

The Motor Sports (World Rally Championship) Bill 2009 overrides the provisions of numerous state laws including:

- Environmental Protection and Assessment Act
- National Parks and Wildlife Act
- Water Management Act
- Fisheries Act
- Local Government Act
- Roads and Traffic Act
- Crown Lands Act.

The legislation gives legal exemption to the organisers (and local authorities acting in support of the rally) for breaches of various state laws and immunity from civil action by aggrieved local residents.

This law is appalling and must be opposed.

What you can do:
- Sign the petition and encourage everyone you know to sign it.
- Publicise the petition (and the issues) on any social networking sites to which you belong.
- Raise the issues in any groups of which you are a member.


you lot have some very disturbing ideals. unless things have changed in the past 7 days in this country it is still a democratic country. where majority decissons rule over loud mouthed ill-informed minorty groups. in a tough economic climate this area needs all the help it can get. wake up. if you people where so worried about the environment why didnt you persue the the lunatics that set the vic. and n.sw. bushfires last summer that killed many humans and countless wild life. notice you lot didnt take that to court. obvisouly that would have been to hard. but then again you lot are to busy filling out centerlink-recieptment forms. or stessing where the next lot of green is going to come from. you people are such a embrassment to this place i.e. far north coast. also the state of n.s.w. and australia. also notice that you could only muster 22 protesters recently at murwillumbah. doesnt that tell you something. peter garret just approved a uranium mine in the n.t. didnt hear from you lot about that. that issue could be more disasterous than a motor rally. finally also according to brisbane newspaper recently bob hawk told the people that aust. should take the worlds nuclear waste. what do you think about that. like get your priorties in order.

Dear Anonymous,
Hmmm you are a complex character. First you talk about ideals and democracy. But you fail to recognise that we are fighting for our ideals, to protect the environment, our rights and democracy itself. Legislation was passed to allow the rally to go ahead!! Ian MacDonald admitted on national TV (7.30 report ABC) that they had to change the laws to minimise the risk that opponents to the rally might use the court system to stop it. Hello?? Isn't that our right as part of the democratic process?? and if it could have been stopped by the laws in place IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. The NSW Parliament website states the process of legislation gives enough time for members to fully understand the consequences of the bill and for community consultation. Again, this didn't happen = corruption of the democratic process. You mention the Victorian bushfires, well did you know the rally is being paid for out of our tax dollars?? I for one would much rather it go to the emergency services like the fire brigades and police, or the health system, or many other far worthy causes than a hobby sport like the rally. When a house burns down, or people die because the hospitals are understaffed and the doctors are tired (as in newspapers last few days), the excitement of a rally is not much comfort. You like many others ignorant of the truth comment on our "dole forms" yet pretty much all of the protestors have jobs, pay taxes and are responsible members of the community. We are teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, business owners, farmers, artists, retirees, parents and grandparents, and I for one don't take any drugs not even nicoteine, caffeine, or alcohol. You mention the nuclear industry, why would you think we wouldn't be involved in that as well. I for one have been involved in many anti nuclear groups and campaigns. More importantly, it is all part of the SAME ISSUE - that the will of a corrupt, greedy corporate government is being imposed on the people instead of acting as a representative of the people. You and I should be united - we obviously both care about the environment and true democracy, that we're not is what I find disturbing.

(Subject was changed by myself from just "Repco Rally" - JS)

Please let me know if it is OK to drive on any of the roads that the rally was on, I would not like my young children's lives to be put at risk traversing these roads after being destroyed by those nasty rally cars nor would I like my children to witness the decimation of the rare & endangered wildlife caused by the Rally. What's that you whimper?? roads OK - (bar the rocks & crap left by the "protestors" - didn't see any toilet facilities provided or serviced by them) What was that? how many animals injured/killed by the rally? As per the hype by anti-Rally campaigners prior to the event, there should be piles of rotting carcasses upon the roadways not to mention the mass movement of wildlife exiting the area like some sort of multi specie refugee camp.

Ian Cohen, you will be OK mate, gee watch your carbon footprints as I've heard that those big Jumbo Jets that take you overseas for your surfing trip burn a lot of fuel.(a bit more than 3 days of nasty little cars on dirt roads do).

Anyway, see you all at the next doof, oopps, are they at night,in the forest,with constant doofdoofdoofdoofdoofdoofdoofdoofdoofdoof????

How many of the protestors walked to the sites?

Please stop the rot.


The comment begins with a number of rhetorical questions implying that little harm was done to the roads and wildlife.

Even if piles of dead animal carcasses were not produced by opponents of the Rally --- and who knows how many animal deaths have been concealed by Rally organisers? --- there is still good reason to fear that the disruption to the breeding cycle of many animals in the region many well tip the balance that could lead to extinction.

Certainly, given that proper assessments of the impact upon the environment have not been conducted in the indecent hast of the NSW Government to force the rally on the region, it may be hard to know the answer one way or the other until it is too late.

However, there is already evidence, exactly as Rally opponents feared that a number of animals in the region, whilst not having been killed, have been severely traumatised by last weekend.

If the roads were not badly damaged by the rally and the reckless driving of many rally supporters it will be a miracle. Certainly a pensioner has already described how the local council has caused him considerable expense in the past by failing to properly maintain the roads, firstly by causing the necessity of paying $3000 in car repairs and secondly by causing the necessity of spending $7000 on a new car.

I have yet to see a Rally supporter acknowledge this pensioner's objection to the Rally.

We will learn if Chris has any intention of responding when Rally opponents provide more complete documentation on these pages the damage caused to the area by last weekend's races.

We have yet to see any documentary evidence of rocks claimed to be left on the road. Certainly the claims of rocks being thrown at cars have been admitted to be false by Rally organisers, yet we yet to see a single apology from any of the pro-Rally supporters who have repeated that malicious lie on this page.

Chris's complaint of protestors not having also supplied their own toilet facilities confirms the small-minded mean spirit of many Rally suppporters.

People who truly care for our endangered wildlife could hardly hold this against those courageous and determined protestors who tried, without the generous support of corporations and NSW taxpayers, to defend this rich bio-diverse region last weekend.

Near the end 'Chris' makes an attempt to divert this discussion with his bigotted attack on people who hold 'doof' parties in the area.

If I were living it the region l would personally not want to have the peace disrupted by too many 'doof' parties either as at least one anti-Rally campaigner has put to me, but the point that these parties are far less harmful and far less dangerous than the speeding Rally cars as well as the reckless and dangerous driving of rally spectators.

I suggest that 'Chris' take his own advice and "stop the rot".

Editorial comment: Whilst it is our intention to allow all views submitted to this web site, both for and against the recently concluded Repco Rally known to site users, we draw the line at publishing unfounded and inflammatory allegations against protestors.

Such allegations were made here yesterday by someone claiming to have been an official of the Repco Rally. As well, terms such as 'terrorist' and 'criminal' and disparaging allusions to pot-smoking unemployed hippies were bandied about.

Accordingly We have declined to publish that comment.

James Sinnamon.