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Australia enters 3rd World downhill race with 1.9% population growth

There is one key fundamental driving the real estate market, Australia's population growth.

We are in 3rd world territory as far as population growth goes,
We have just topped 1.9% growth !!!

source:Report on the Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference
Most immigrants end up in the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney, these new immigrants are definitely supporting the real estate market of the big capitals.

Also note that I know areas that have many empty houses. They are in areas on the coast and inland, places like Lorne and Daylesford. The houses are owned by Melbournians and used as weekenders. I was told by a resident of Hepburn (next to Daylesford) that the census showed a very small proportion of permanent residents, with most houses owned by out-of-towners, used only on the weekend. Of course there would be some empty dwellings in the areas of highest demand (less than 15km from CBD), but not many, and I would bet more on the urban fringe.

Of course they are not anywhere near most jobs, markets or public transport.

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Al Bartlett, Professor Emeritus of Physic, University of Calorado Boulder in United States, has stated that in 780 years there will be only one square meter for each person on the planet's land at our rate of population growth! It is clear that this human density will never be achieved as our ecology will be depleted long before this!

The things that we feel good about, such as family size, immigration, good health etc will be the factors that actually make our species come to their conclusion even faster. The things we don't want, such as zero population growth, high mortality etc, the factors that will help us in the long term.

We will not make it to the next millenium! Is the human race so blinded that they are heading faster towards mass suicide?

Albert Bartlett: "Can you think of any problem in any area of human endeavor on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way
aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally?"

Our Government keeps adding more people to Australia. Do they fail to understand the exponential functions of growth, or are they just going ahead "business as usual" until the next election knowing that they are contributing to our final demise?

Professor Bartlett's web site

I think the problem is that quite a lot of people are addicted to the short term financial gains they can make out of the inflation of resources and ammenities that population growth causes. They then form coalitions with other profiteers, as we find in the growth lobby with organisations like The Property Council of Australia or APop. Advocates, like heroine addicts or alcholics, will then make excuses for the impacts of their dangerous pursuit of fast money, using ideologies like, growth is good, or it 'creates jobs' or 'it creates wealth' and they will try to convince people that 'most people like high densities etc and that 'everyone' likes to see house prices go up. Since most of the media is owned by people with this kind of addiction, we rarely really see how 'most' people really feel, and many of us believe we are alone, when we are actually part of the -non-reported - silent majority.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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Sheila, Your comments could equally be applied to the Repco Rally Australia planned for the Tweed and Kyogle areas.

Well said.