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Important Wildhaven Shelter in St Andrews NE Victoria perished needs rebuilding

Teresa Wilpa writes, "I am writing with a heavy heart and in a very somber mood. As you already know the fires have savaged over 400 000 ha in Victoria and floods have affected nearly 60% of Queensland.

The suffering of humans and non-humans is beyond words. While the whole nation braced itself and millions of dollars have generously been donated for human victims, it is not always the same when animals are concerned. There are many animal organisations which have sprung into action, but if you would like to directly support affected animals (cutting out the middle man) please read below.

She is making a personal appeal to help a special wildlife shelter which went up in flames. It is Wildhaven in NE Victoria.

The shelter was run by Stella and Alan Reid. Very often we have received updates from Stella on life at Wildhaven. Wildhaven was a real haven - a safe, peaceful paradise for all creatures and especially for kangaroos. As you know I am involved with animal protection and constantly receive emails about cruelty and acts of torment inflicted on non-humans by humans... ... but every time when I spotted Stella's email my face lit up as I knew that I was in for a beautiful treat. The affectionate images of tender kangaroos, usually embraced by gentle light, always had a soothing effect on my sore soul.
We got to know each of them by name...

All animals under their care have perished in the flames (including domestic pets) and numerous kangaroos, wallabies and wombats who lived on their property and whom Stella cared for.....

Please donate generously

- by direct transfer

Bank details:

Stella Reid
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 063 222
Account: 10262617

- by cheque

Postal Address

Stella and Alan Reid
c/o St Andrews Post Office
10 Caledonia Street,
St Andrews
Victoria 3761

By PayPal

PayPal address :

Please state there: for Stella's kangaroos

The PayPal option might be the most convenient for International donations.


Hi Sheila,
My name is Sarah, I'm in queensland. I have started a facebook group in order to raise awareness and donations for some of the wildlife groups across Victoria. I am finding myself getting asked alot about what the best way for overseas members to donate is. I have been suggesting direct transfers as I figured that the best way to get the money to people quickly, however there is some questions about money orders, paypal and cheques and i wondered what your preference is. I am recommending your site above all others (to those who privately email me regarding donations) as the need to rebuild on top of feeding and treating animals I find a tragic situation for all. My heart goes out to you. I do hope this reaches you, I included the link to the group in the homepage line but in case it doesn't work the group is on facebook and called 'Remembering Animal Victims of the Victorian Bushfires' ( There are currently nearly 1700 members and growing quickly) As someone who has done wild care and also vet nursing I to have been devastated by this tragic event, I can't even imagine how awful it must be for you. If it was at all possible for me to come and help more practically I would but work commitments make that impossible so instead I have just been trying to gather donations and make information available for people. If you have any suggestions or other wildlife groups that I don't have listed that should be listed (If you have any time at all to have a look at the site, which I doubt!) then please let me know. Anything I can do to help I am more then pleased to do.
Kindest Regards
Sarah Gordon


I am a wildlife carer from Brisbane my name is Lexie. I have been in contact with Dawn at Wildlife NEV and am sending medical supplies through her as she was first I made contact with. There is Hartmann's, Saline, Dressings for burns, IV sets, gloves bandages etc coming. They are being driven down. I'm not sure if Dawn has been in contact with you or not. But they should be with her by Thursday next week. Long time I know. I am also working on companies down there to donate hardware for cage building. That may take a week or two. Are you happy to have me communicate with Dawn re these things.
Finally I hope this little we can do helps some.

(Lexie, I will re-post this to Hope this helps. - JS)