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FOI reveals massive heavy metal contamination at former Defence site, Canberra

The real reason why Defence killed 514 kangaroos at Belconnen last May had nothing to do with endangered species. If allowed to live longer, kangaroos might have shown symptoms like the blind sheep previously at Belconnen. And now the truth is out!

How can groundwater and soil be heavily contaminated with dioxins, heavy metals, lead, asbestos, hydrocarbons and PCBs on the BNTS site but not the surrounding areas where people already live?

It’s already in the groundwater, the soil and therefore blowing in the wind. Exactly where are they planning to remove the contamination to? How can everything be rosy after the cleanup since it’s already in Ginninderra Lake and the aquifers?

And what about the damage to the endangered grassland species that the government was oh so worried about the kangaroos 'threatening' when they scoop out 900 square metres of soil?

What about the remaining experimental 100 kangaroos at Belconnen? Will they be secretly disposed of while this 'clean-up' happens?

What’s more important – human health, endangered species, native wildlife, future generations, a clean environment, integrity or making money off yet another housing estate?

There's a lot being covered up in Canberra these days ...

See also: "Defence kiboshes Belconnen grassland refuge plan" of 30 Sep 08, "Defence to clean up Belconnen site" of 30 Sep 08, Remediation of the Belconnen Naval Transmission Station" of 22 Oct 08, "Belconnen Kangaroo massacre" of 30 May 08.


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The "endangered" grasses, sun moth and legless lizards that the kangaroos at Belconnen were threatening was a case of deep green green-washing! These species co-existed and co-evolved here in Australia for millions of years. They were not a threat to each other! They were perfectly adapted. So called "management" of kangaroos, and our land, by humans is what is threatening them. Darwin's theories of adaption are being conveniently ignored, and the public were convinced that this massacre was necessary to "save" the kangaroos from starvation, and "save" the endangered insects and grasses. The reality is over-population of the human species, all in the name of economic growth that over-rides all common sense and environmental welfare.